3 Social Media Hacks to Quickly Grow Your Email List

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Raise your hand if you love finding ways to make your various marketing strategies work together harmoniously? (*raises hand*)

Yup. I’m a true blue believer that there are ways to make your marketing work together and run smoother.

Look at social media and email marketing.

We marketers have the tendency to view these as separate.

But what if you could use one channel to benefit the other and make it all run like the purr of a 1969 Ford Mustang.

You’ll happy to learn that this marketing Nirvana exists.  Below you’ll find my top social media hacks for growing your email list. Doing it by using social media without looking like a beggar.

Add a Subscribe Button to Facebook 

Perhaps you’re thinking of the follow button on your personal profile on Facebook page, buuuut that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about using your business page to drive traffic to your opt-in landing page.

You can see a perfect example of what I mean on Michael Hyatt’s business profile.


This is a snapshot of of his profile on Facebook.

Notice how he used his header to draw attention to a free ebook and then points to how someone can get it for free by clicking that Sign Up button.

If you click that, you’ll be taken to the landing page below.


It’s a seemingly small tweak to an endless sameness of Facebook profiles, but the impact can be huge, especially since he has 130K+ followers on this page.

By doing this, Michael can help draw traffic to his landing page and increase his chances of someone opting in. In this way, he keep the cycle of his email and social media marketing flowing working together.

You can follow this quick tutorial right here to get your button, and if you need a new image header, just head over to Canva to whip one up.

Place a CTA at The End Of Your Email

This is perhaps one thing that many people forget about.

That precious CTA at the end of your email can be a gold mine for social shares, and new email signups.

Take a look at Melyssa Griffin, a $500K a year blogger that knows how to work her email list like a ninja.

In her email to her rather adoring fans, she places a CTA to share her promo on Twitter.

3Clicking that CTA takes you here.

4And that tweet link takes you here.


See that? Genius!

This sentence or two at the end of your emails to folks that already love you is that free promotion that you’ve been looking for but didn’t even know you already had.

You can do this by adding your own CTA and creating a tweetable link using ClickToTweet.com.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your marketing strategy working together.

Drive Traffic To Conversion Centric Pages With Pinterest

Depending on your audience, Pinterest could be the perfect traffic and email list building social network.

Mariah Coz, the $100K a month blogger behind Femtrepreneur uses the platform to drive her 4.9K followers to her blog.

You can see how she does it just by take a look at her profile.


Here is one of her email boards. A clicking on one of these images takes you to a blog post with an email opt-in that her ideal audience can’t help but crave.


They click that button, opt-in for their free PDFs and she gets a new subscriber.

Keep in mind, the traffic she gets from this social channel fits perfectly into her ideal consumer which means that her efforts on Pinterest only add to her overall marketing strategy as she uses it to grow her email list.

You can follow her example by creating engaging Pinterest images and using a tool like Tailwind or Buffer to auto pin your images that connect to landing pages or blogs posts.

As you can see, you these social media hacks are simple enough to add to your strategy but impactful enough to be worth a try. In order to use these social media hacks, make sure to first sign up for your free 2 week trial of Sendlane™ 

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Anik Singal

Anik Singal

Based out of Washington, DC metro area, Anik is a well known Internet Marketer that´s been teaching people how to start their own online business since 2004. Starting out of his college dorm room, Anik has been responsible for helping over 50,000 people start their online business. Known for his easy to learn classroom style method, Anik joined Sendlane in 2014 as the CMO to help drive the marketing and help grow Sendlane into the digital marketing world.
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