4 Google Chrome Extensions Digital Marketers Should Get Right Now

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Hey digital marketers!

You’ve heard of Google Chrome, right? Actually, there’s a high chance you’re reading this using Chrome right now. It’s the most popular internet browser by a huge margin 

Along with Google’s great popularity comes many, many people trying to cash in on Google’s success. This is clearly evident when browsing through Chromes web store and seeing the thousands upon thousands of Extensions being offered by different third parties.

If you’re not sure what extensions are, they’re small programs that you can download from within Chrome which add and enhance the browsers functionalities.

With all these extensions floating around, how do you know which ones will actually improve your browser? And better yet, what extensions can help you with your digital marketing?

I am going to single out four of the best Chrome extensions for a digital marketer that you can start using today!

Google Mail Checker


This is an obvious one. You’re always sending emails and you’re always receiving emails, so of course you want checking your email to be as easy as possible. Google Mail Checker allows you to always see how many unread emails you have with an icon in the top right of your browser. You can also use the button as a one-click way to be quickly directed to your inbox.



Ahh, the bane of digital marketing—staying focused. Being your own boss and setting your own hours is great. But it comes with the possibility of easily losing concentration, especially with a whole universe of distracting websites out there. StayFocusd lets you set limits for your hours on time-wasting websites so you can, well, stay focused. While you are focused, you can spend more time on growing your business, writing emails, and creating compelling calls to action for your subscribers!

3) Any.do 


Any.do is all about upping your productivity. It acts as a to-do list and notepad within your browser where you can track progress on current projects and set yourself reminders for what you need to do later. You can even set a reminder to do things like learn all the basics to get started with Sendlane™ 🙂 Digital marketing can get confusing with all the different tasks you’re doing at once, so Any.do helps keep all that organized. Even better, it syncs across all your devices so even when you’re not on Chrome you can still see what you should be working on.

4) Momentum 


Staring at a computer screen for hours on end can be draining. Some of you may be getting tired during this article after a long day of work. Fear not we are almost through. 🙂  Momentum hopes to add a little bit of spice to your browser by replacing your default “new tab” window with scenic photography, information on the time and weather, and inspirational quotes. You’d be surprised how much a quick, periodic break from your ordinary browser will keep you from getting burned out from a day on the computer.

In this competitive world of email marketing, everyone is looking for that edge. With these 4 tools, you will have time saving solutions that the competition doesn’t have. This will free up more time for you to grow your business and stay in contact with your subscribers. If you have not yet, Click Here to sign up for a free Sendlane™ trial account . Remember, when it comes to efficiency, every little bit helps!

We hope you found these tips helpful. If you did, chances are your friends would too. Please like and share this post on your social networks. 🙂 We appreciate you.

In the comments down below, feel free to add any other chrome extensions or productivity solutions that you find helpful to get more work done.

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Dave Bender

Dave Bender

Director of Operations at Sendlane
Dave is Sendlane's Project Manager. Raised in sunny San Diego, he has worked in all aspects of Internet Marketing for the last 12 years. He has acquired a deep understanding and knowledge that covers SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Digital Marketing.
Dave Bender