8 Reasons Why Stories Matter

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So what are the reasons why stories matter. When it comes to in general marketing, you have two ways to approach your audience. Try to sell them a product Tell them a story Well, there’s not exactly two approaches, but these are the two... Read More

Effective Email Marketing Tips

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Did you know that 43% of people won’t see your email? That's why these effective email marketing tips will help decrease that number. Without Unlimited Data plans available, just how many people are conserving their data from their smartphones? Let’s do some math. Mobile email will account... Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Welcome Emails Have to Change

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Traffic is one thing. Keeping your audience engaged is another. As you may already know, your first impression is always going to make the strongest impact. That's why understanding the impact of your welcome emails is so important. In fact, MarketingSherpa found that welcome emails were... Read More