Is Your Email List Killing Audience Engagement?

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Email lists. We all love them for their ability to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Even new businesses with a relatively small client base can get a lot out of a really great email list. But just like any other marketing tool, you can’t take a “set it and forget it” approach to building and maintaining your email list. (Check out our latest infographic for tips on building your list!)

It doesn’t matter if you have the snappiest subject lines in the world or fully optimized email content. Without a properly built and maintained subscriber list, you might see all those beautifully written emails going to waste.

We don’t want that to happen, here are a few ways to avoid killing audience engagement!


Neglecting the Importance of Opting In

We all hate junk mail. We absolutely hate it.

Whether it’s cluttering up our inbox or real-life mailbox, nobody likes to receive mail they didn’t ask for. More often than not, this kind of stuff goes straight into the trash, unread.

If your email list is filled with individuals who never chose to receive your messages, you’ll likely see the same, awful results. When you buy an email list instead of taking the time to curate a group of opted-in subscribers, your messages will be sent to people who aren’t familiar with your brand or even connected with your product.

This makes it that much harder to personalize your content. This leaves you with a much lower open rate and an increased likelihood that your emails get sent to the spam folder—even when someone has opted in to receive them.

Be sure you are not only giving your visitors an opportunity to choose to opt into your list, but make sure they know exactly what they are signing up for!


Killing Audience Engagement - Opt In Form


Are You Cleaning Out the Clutter?

It’s great to build a healthy list of subscribers who have opted into your content—but that list isn’t going to stay perfect forever. People change their email addresses, they become disengaged, and they unsubscribe.

Because of this, it’s essential that you send targeted emails on a consistent basis, regularly verify your old email lists, and scrub your lists so you can avoid sending messages to inactive accounts. Otherwise, you’ll see minimal engagement as your messages are sent to inboxes that are never used and contacts that just don’t care.



If you don’t send an email for a long time, your subscribers might even forget about their subscription and flag your content as spam!

Your open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate should always be monitored so you can identify issues with your email content or subscriber lists. If you don’t, you’ll keep making the same mistakes again and again.


You’re Not Segmenting Your Customers

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: your email subscribers don’t all have the same tastes and interests. So why are you treating them that way?

Not everyone who subscribed to your list is interested in the same content, and they definitely don’t want to get flooded with an overwhelming number of emails they just don’t care about.


When this happens, people become less likely to click on your emails, even if they were once highly engaged with your content. They might even unsubscribe or block your messaging! As with purchased email lists, a failure to segment your audience makes it hard to personalize your content.

If you don’t segment your lists so that each person only receives the emails that are most relevant to them, you’ll miss sales opportunities and see minimal engagement from your email marketing.


Saving Your Engagement

So what can we learn from these email list mistakes?

Here are some of our most important takeaways:

  • Only build email lists using opted-in subscribers.
  • Verify the accuracy of your email lists on a regular basis.
  • Target your emails based on audience segmentation.
  • Send messages on a consistent basis—but not too frequently.


If your email list doesn’t follow these guidelines, you’re probably doing more harm than good with your email marketing campaign. So be smart! Take care of your email list, and it’ll deliver the results you need.

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