7 Amazingly Effective Examples of Email Automation in Action

Make no mistake: marketing automation is here to stay for businesses looking to lock down more leads and boost their bottom lines.

According to a recent Email Monday study, nearly half of all business are investing in marketing automation. Meanwhile, 91% of those same businesses note that marketing automation is “very important” to their overall marketing strategies.

Don’t let the term “marketing automation” freak you out. Although you might be skeptical toward the idea of putting any aspect of your business on autopilot, email marketing is a foolproof way to streamline your sales campaigns.

But What Does Effective Marketing Automation Look Like?

In the world of email marketing, autoresponder messages are used to streamline time-consuming aspects of running your business. This includes lead nurturing, customer retention and converting subscribers.

While you may be accustomed to chasing down leads to seal the deal, autoresponder messages can help marketers save time, energy and resources in pursuit of more sales.

The question remains: what do awesome autoresponders look like, anyway?

Below we’ve taken some of the best autoresponder examples across multiple industries to show the power and diversity of marketing automation in action.

Any of the following types of messages are fair game depending on your business. Hopefully these examples of email automation in action will inspire you in your own marketing efforts.

Now, let’s get started!

1. winning with welcome emails

News flash: your leads are receiving over 120 emails on a daily basis.

Oftentimes, standing out from the crowd has less to do with being the loudest voice in the room but rather the one with the most personality.

Check out this welcome email from Alex and Ani. Not only does this email outline the benefits of opting into their list, but also presents their list as a sort of exclusive club. (hint: exclusivity is an incredibly powerful marketing trigger that makes your recipients feel like a million bucks):

Welcome messages aren’t just an expectation of your recipients, but also an opportunity to leave a positive first impression on your leads. Think about it: your welcome emails set the stage and expectations for all of your future messages.

If you want to get off on the right foot with your list, a crystal clear welcome autoresponder is the best place to start!

2. promoting your products

Many marketers worry about coming off as overly “salesy” throughout their email marketing campaigns.

Understandable; however, consider that over 70% of people prefer email-based deals versus any other type of promotion. It’s safe to say that if you have opt-ins and you’ve set the right expectations, your subscribers will be happy to receive your offers and promos.

This deal-based email from Old Navy provides recipients with individual deals and a one-size-fits-all coupon which is a win-win for opt-ins:

Considering that consumers generally expect multiple emails per month from businesses, don’t be afraid to hit your list with a good deal.

3. the power of thank you

Saying “thanks” to your list shouldn’t be treated like a chore, but rather an opportunity to make a personal connection with your subscribers.

This epic autoresponder from Warby Parker serves as a great example of saying “thanks” while also confirming an order. This message builds a sense of hype through its body copy, giving the message a personal touch as well (“Just like fingerprints, no two Home Try-Ons are alike”):


Much like welcome emails, appreciation messages after an opt-in or transaction serve as yet another way for your messages to stand apart from the pack. In addition, thank you emails tend to generate twice as much engagement as typical messages.

Any business can implement these types of emails after transactions or set up a coupon autoresponder to reward long-term subscribers “just because.”

Examples of Email Automation - Trello email

Remember: a simple “thank you” can go a long way.

4. getting personal

If you want to increase engagement via your email campaigns, you’re going to need to get personal. Nearly three-quarters of marketers note that personalized messages result in more sales and responses from customers.

Personalization comes in many shapes and sizes for email marketers. For autoresponders in particular, personalized messages might include…

  • Recommended products or content based on purchasing or browsing behavior
  • Relevant recommendations or content based on the conditions of their opt-in
  • Subject lines incorporating your recipients name (combined with a tailored offer or promo)

Pinterest’s update emails serve as a solid example of personalization in action. Pinterest takes the top content for the week in relevant categories and showcases it to subscribers in the form of a photo collage:

Examples of Email Automation - Pinterest Email


Breaking through the noise to stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes often means getting personal. Given that personalized messages result in higher click-through and conversion rates, relevant recommendations can help set you apart from your competition.

5. don’t neglect checking in

Marketers often find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to their campaigns. They understand the need to send messages often, but don’t want to flood their subscribers’ inboxes with fluff.

However, email marketers should keep the “rule of seven” in mind with their campaigns. It takes approximately seven positive interactions between brands and buyers to transform skeptics into long-term customers.

As such, autoresponders which serve as “check-ins” with your subscribers are subtle yet potentially powerful messages that leave a good impression on your audience.

For example, check out this survey email from Barkbox which asks subscribers if they were satisfied with their recent purchase:

Examples of Email Automation - Barkbox Gif in Email Examples of Email Automation - Barkbox Email

Surveys represent amazing autoresponders. Not only do they present your business as a helping hand, but can also help you gather crucial information from your subscribers. Likewise, such messages can help you test your copy and calls-to-action.

Check-in messages are a win-win for businesses and buyers alike as you can learn more about your list and improve their email experience accordingly.

6. avoiding the cart abandonment epidemic

Nearly 70% of businesses are losing out on sales due to the epidemic of cart abandonment.


The most common symptoms of cart abandonment include unexpected shipping costs and complicated checkout processes. Regardless of why your potential customers bounce, cart abandonment emails serve as a brilliant way to bring buyers back on-site to complete their purchases.

This example from Fab displays an effective cart abandonment email in action, sealing the deal with buyers on the fence by providing a discount code:

Examples of Email Automation - Fab EmailIntegrating cart abandonment emails into your marketing campaigns is a surefire way to turn potentially lost sales into return customers without lifting a finger.

7. winning back “sleepy” subscribers

Inactive email lists plague up to 66% of marketers, which signals an uphill battle for email marketers looking to keep their lists engaged. The easiest way to avoid an inactive list is by consistently using autoresponders like the ones outlined above.

However, let’s say that you have a decent chunk of subscribers that haven’t interacted with your messages within the past few months. Now what?

Whether they’re previous customers or subscribers who’ve opted-in without taking action, winback and “we miss you “messages represent an easy way to awaken a sleeping list.

Examples of Email Automation - Skillshare EmailMuch like cart abandonment emails, these messages work to re-engage subscribers who would otherwise sleep on your offers or messages. Setting up time-sensitive “win-back” messages is a safe way to make sure you’re making the most of every subscriber, even the ones you haven’t heard from in a while.

Is Automation Part of Your Marketing Arsenal?

Autoresponders are more than just automated emails. When crafted carefully, they put otherwise time-consuming tasks such as nurturing and converting customers on autopilot. This saved time and energy allows you to spend more time growing your list rather than scrambling for leads.

If you’re not already on board with marketing automation, it’s certainly not too late. Give Sendlane a try today to see what our email automation platform can do for you!

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