4 Emails to Help Fight the Epidemic of Cart Abandonment

Let’s assume you finally have your email marketing strategy in order.

And I mean everything.

You’ve made the resolution to build your list.

Emails are actually getting opened.

From open-rates to click-throughs, your metrics are rising through the roof.

But your sales are still stagnant.

What gives?

Unfortunately, traffic to your product or service pages via email doesn’t always ensure sales.

In fact, there’s an epidemic that’s sweeping nearly three-quarters of all businesses online today that could be very well be holding your marketing efforts back as well.


The Silent Killer of Online Businesses

Think for a moment.

Have you ever walked into a store with your heart set on making a purchase but eventually turned away because something seemed off?

Chances are, your leads have done the exact same thing online.

Enter the cart abandonment epidemic.

fight cart abandonment - loft

Cart abandonment impacts approximately 68% of businesses online today. This is a staggering statistic that reminds us that sealing the deal is easier said than done. As our traffic travels from Point A to Point B, there are so many opportunities for them to drop out of our funnels.

Yet why are cart abandonment rates so high? For starters, there are a number of factors contributing to so many bounced customers at checkout, including:

  • Hidden costs and fees such as tax, shipping and service charges
  • Slow site speed or checkout process (and in some cases, websites crashing during checkout)
  • Concerns about safety and security during the payment process

These concerns and annoyances should be quite telling. In short, honesty, trust and speed are crucial to today’s customers and modern marketers should likewise take notice.

How Email Marketing Battles Cart Abandonment

But what does cart abandonment have to do with email marketing?

In a way, everything.

After all, there’s so much emphasis on how email marketing can build your list and lead your prospects to your storefront or product pages, right?

But have you ever considered how your marketing messages could be the ultimate difference between bounced traffic and loyal, satisfied customers?

Through email automation software, you can put the pieces in place to wrangle potential customers and lead them back into your sales funnel.

That is, if you have killer emails on deck to persuade them.

What Do Great Cart Abandonment Emails Look Like?

So how do you fight cart abandonment? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cart abandonment emails; however, any combination of the following messages can be implemented by any given business. Although the tones and approaches of these emails vary, at the core of each of these messages is an invitation to revisit what your business has to offer.

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

The emails you develop to fight cart abandonment should not come off as sales-y or pushy: after all, sometimes pushing too hard will cause your readers to tune you out. Instead, consider a more lighthearted approach to encouraging your leads to return to your sales page. Check out this example from Black Milk:

fight cart abandonment - black milk

There’s perhaps no way to make your emails seem more human than by integrating humor.  Additionally, such messages don’t come off as desperate but rather serve as  a friendly reminder that a full cart is still waiting.

Delivering humor versus sounding like a salesman could be the determining factor for a customer reconsidering their purchase.

Serve Up Some Scarcity

“Get it while supplies last!”

We’ve all heard that one before, right?

That’s because it works.

Neiman Marcus knows this all too well.

fight cart abandonment - neiman marcus

Scarcity is a classic psychological trigger that encourages buyers to act sooner rather than later as merchants create the illusion that buyers may lose out on a product or deal if they wait.

You can apply this principle regardless of whether or not your product or service is actually in low supply. What matters most is you create the illusion that your items are in high demand and therefore encourage your readers to take action.

Sweeten the Deal

As noted earlier, the top reason why most buyers abandon their shopping carts is due to unexpected fees.

Even if you feel that you’re offering your services at a relatively low price point, it’s hard to fight against shipping costs and price tag.

A solid strategy for enticing buyers to give you a second chance is by offering up a discount code or a coupon. Check how Levi’s use steep discounts to seal the deal with skeptical buyers:

fight cart abandonment - levis

By sweetening the deal, you not only show that you empathize with your audience’s potential lack of funds but also offer a digital helping hand.

The only caveat to this strategy is that it should only be used on first-time buyers. Otherwise you run into the danger of all customers sleeping on your deals in hopes of a discount. This word of warning serves as yet another reminder of why it’s crucial that all marketers segment their email lists.

Something Short and Sweet

Sometimes all that your readers really need to come back into your funnel is a quick tap on the shoulder.

In the case that your prospects’ computer crashed or they quite literally walked away from the screen, even the simplest of abandonment emails will do. For example, check out one of oVertone’s short, sweet and personalized autoresponders:

fight cart abandonment - overtone

Maybe it’s cliché to say that the worst type of cart abandonment email is the one you don’t have.

However, given how the majority of businesses out there are plagued by poor conversions during checkout, you should strive to take every step you can to bring them back to you.

Remember: even something incredibly simple such as the example above can work wonders on your list.

How Will You Keep Your Customers From Bouncing?

Don’t let yourself become a victim of shopping cart abandonment. Considering how simple it is to bring your customers back to on-site through email automation, there’s no reason not to have such messages integrated into your sales strategy.

Why not take Sendlane for a spin to see how our automation solution can help your business retain more leads?

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