Great Email Newsletter Examples to Inspire You

You don’t have to be a professional designer to spot a winning newsletter design that really pops. While the content will always be number one, the layout can make or break your email marketing strategy.

To start you off on the right foot, here are a few great email newsletter examples to get your creative juices flowing!

Story Telling – Maxie McCoy

While bullet points with quick snippets are easiest to get more content across to your readers, sometimes a story can be just as powerful. Speaker Maxie McCoy uses her newsletter as a platform to detail out a topic on her mind that she considers important to her audience.

To avoid coming off as an essay, her newsletter is easy to read with her use of bolding, italics, spacing, and of course, images. Also, who doesn’t love a good inspirational quote?

great email newsletter examples - Maxie Mccoy

Minimal is More – Trello

Trello’s email newsletter is so… well, great, because it’s so simple. They’ve opted for a minimalist layout and design, making it faster to load on any web browser or device, with color choice that is easy on the eyes for digital reading. Short, sweet and to the point. In just a glance, the reader knows what Trello’s newsletter is all about and where they should click.


The Power of Three – Aeon

Designers swear by the number three for the balance it adds to photography, web design and even architecture. While you may have a lot to share, try positioning only three slots for content in your newsletter like culture magazine, Aeon, has done elegantly here. (See above, Trello used the power of three as well!)

This will not only make your newsletter more visually appealing but gives your email an organized look that is easier for your subscribers to absorb.

great email newsletter examples - aeon

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action – Shopify

This one should be a no brainer, but worth mentioning nonetheless! Make room for your main Call to Action in your email template, preferably at the bottom, to politely give your readers the option to opt-in.

Whether you’re looking for new users or have a promo code to share, take advantage of the wide net your newsletter casts and save a spot for your CTA in your newsletter template to capture any low hanging fruit like Shopify has done here!

great email newsletter examples - shopify


Prioritize Your Content – The Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion carries this out beautifully in their newsletter template, where their top stories get the best real estate at the top, and they leave ample room for quick news briefs and a daily digest as you scroll down. Guiding your readers to the stories you consider most important takes away the effort of sifting through every little bit of information.

great email newsletter examples - the business of fashion


It’s All About the Blurb – The Bold Italic

You don’t have a whole lot of time to keep your reader’s attention, so apart from the aesthetics of your email, you’ll want your content to really stand out. The Bold Italic puts their quick wit to the test with brief but enticing blurbs. If you can lean on great writers, let their creativity soar with (we’ll say it again) less is more!

great email newsletter examples - the bold italic

Dynamic Visuals – Product Hunt

Beautiful photography can really liven a daily newsletter, but why stop there? Similar to what Product Hunt has done here in their daily digest, a meme, gif or video can add more color and depth to even the most boring of topics.

Doesn’t this gif make you the least bit curious to read on and find out exactly what this email is all about?

great email newsletter examples - product hunt


Ready to Get Started?

Your business and audience is unique, so it may take some time and multiple iterations before you to find the right newsletter template to meet your specific needs. Different methods work for different businesses so consider these newsletter samples as a starting point to help spark your imagination and inspire your next design.

While having a gorgeous email template should be the goal, your first step should be choosing the right email marketing tool to automate the hard stuff and leave the marketing to the experts. Give Sendlane a test drive today and start your free trial!

Jerrik Neri

Jerrik Neri

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