How Twitter Uses Email Campaigns to Make Sales

Twitter has been a major player in the digital marketing world for quite some time. While some seem to think the platform is on the way out, their marketing team is pretty darn good at keeping a steady stream of revenue pouring in. How?  Using email campaigns to make sales.

The following 8 email series is sent to Twitter’s list of business accounts. Each uses the account’s handle or username (blurred in the below screenshots) in order to make them more personal. They also use consistent design throughout. But change it just enough, so that each email feels fresh.

Lets take a look!

Email #1 – @YourName, watch TV with your followers

This email starts strong, and is a fantastic way to kick off the email series:

Email Campaigns to Make Sales - Email 1

Here, the Twitter team is doing more than a few things right.

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way.

They’ve successfully:

                      1. Added an unsubscribe link and street address (required by law).
                      2. Created a beautiful email that looks great on desktop AND mobile.
                      3. Included bold, eye-catching CTA buttons.

As we continue, you’ll notice that these elements are included in every email of the series. In your own emails, at the very least, you should be accomplishing these three things. They’re the essentials of any email marketing campaign. Why? Well, without these three basic components your emails simply won’t be work.

Here’s why:

                         1. Without an unsubscribe link, your emails won’t be sent;
                         2. Without great design, your emails won’t be read; and
                         3. Without an eye-catching CTA, your readers won’t (or can’t) take action.

Email #2 – @YourName, this will make Tweeting easier.

Email Campaigns to Make Sales - Email 2

In addition to the basics, we love this email for its use of the curiosity gapTwitter’s subject line reads, “this will make Tweeting easier.” Immediately, our brains go, “What? What will make Tweeting easier?” Then, once we’ve opened the email, we’re hit with an equally enticing headline that states, “We didn’t mean to keep this a secret.”

At this point, it’s hard to tear our eyes away. We’re hooked.

This is an example of great copy! It’s compelling; it captures readers and keeps them reading the email. And (hopefully) keeps them long enough to click on the, “Try Twitter Ads” CTA button.

Oh, and did you notice how they’ve used a different color scheme (pink instead of orange)? 

Email #3 – @YourName, expand your audience with Twitter.

The third email is presented in a new color, purple:

Email Campaigns to Make Sales - Email 3

Yep, they’ve changed the color again. And it’s actually a really smart idea. If they had kept the colors consistent throughout, each email might begin to look too similar. 

Instead, Twitter has changed up their design just enough to make each email feel fresh and exciting. Combined with fantastic body copy, this is one of our favorite emails from the series.

Email #4 – @YourName, cut the production company.

Next up: a highly-specific email targeted towards a specific audience.

It’s important to point out how each of these emails are positioned within the series. Instead of repeating the same boring, repetitive sales pitch, each email is unique. Tailored to specific audiences, the Twitter team is doing a great job at varying their approach.

Email Campaigns to Make Sales - Email 4

Here, Email #4 targets content creators and media companies. And, like the last three emails, this one includes a CTA link (“our five Periscope tips”). Clicking this will take the user to a separate blog post full of helpful information about live streaming with Twitter. This makes the email more valuable to its readers.

At the same time, the linked blog post also includes plenty of CTA buttons for Twitter ads (the ultimate goal of the email campaign). So by linking to this article, Twitter is hoping to both provide value to its users and get them to purchase an ad campaign. A fantastic move.

Email #5 – @YourName, sometimes you need more than 140 characters.

Halfway through the email series, Twitter decides to change things up:

Email Campaigns to Make Sales - Email 5

To keep your email campaigns engaging, it’s important to change the design of your emails from time to time. Here, with four emails already in our inbox, Twitter has decided to make a small change. This time, they’ve decided not to include an image in their email body.

In your own campaigns, try dropping a simple text, unedited email into your email campaigns. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results: increased engagement and extra clicks!

Email #6 – @YourName, get more reach on Twitter

More of the same with email six— great marketing:

Email Campaigns to Make Sales - Email 6

Email six continues to provide value, ask for a conversion, and address users based on their pain points (in this case: not getting enough reach). This format continues in the next email, but with one big difference…

Email #7 – @YourName, followers want to hear from you.

This value-heavy email is an eye-catching masterpiece:

Email Campaigns to Make Sales - Email 7

Boom. “93% of followers plan to buy something from an SMB they followed.” Doesn’t that statistic just demand your attention as soon as you see it? 

In your own campaigns, try including relevant facts like these where possible. You’ll notice that here, Twitter has addressed their target audience—Small to Medium Businesses or SMBs—directly. Make sure you do the same if you decide to use this technique.

One other important change we should mention: in this email, the writers have decided not to include the line, “We want to help you get more out of Twitter.” If you scroll up, you’ll see that this line has been consistently included in email 1–6. So why take it out here? We think it’s to set up the final email. Here’s how…

Email #8 – @YourName, partner with power users.

This is the last email in the series and may be Twitter’s last chance to sell us some ads. Here, check out the small tweak they’ve made to the “We want to help…” line (emphasis ours):

Email Campaigns to Make Sales - Email 8


“We want to help you get more out of Twitter and Twitter Ads.

By adding those last three words, Twitter is hoping to get just a little more awareness around their ads. They want their reader to know that they’re there for them when they decide to purchase their first ad campaign.

It may seem like a small change, but we believe the Twitter team did it on purpose in order to boost their engagement and, hopefully, their Ad sales.

A Solid Email Campaign Keeping Twitter in the Black.

Twitter has had its challenges with cash. Until they launched Twitter Ads, the company had virtually no way to generate revenue from its user base. Now, with the help of an outstanding email series such as this one, Twitter is able to sell ads and bring in a little income for its investors.

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