Important Update for All Email Marketers

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Hey Sendlane™ Marketer!

Sendlane™ not only continues to innovate, but we also strive to be “on top” of the marketing and legal changes that continue to occur in the marketplace.

Today’s update includes a major update for our users and awareness of upcoming changes that will affect a majority of users.

Till now emails from Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft were already on the “cannot use” list via policies provided by the DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance)

Coming soon is now Google – banning all @gmail accounts from delivering via your autoresponders.

Affectively immediately we’ll be implementing some changes in our system that alert you that you need to change your “From” Email address for your autoresponders and newsletters.

We suggest you look at getting a domain at your favorite domain hosting company and using their mail servicing option, forwarding option, and/or Google Apps if you do not have your own hosting.

This will ensure your delivery stays high and your messages are delivered to your customers.

We hope you had a great week and that this message helps you further your marketing and grow your online business.

Have a great day,

Zak Metfah

P.S. Also don’t forget to check out our great blog posts this week, all great content to share and help grow your business.

We have included links to two of the most popular domain hosting companies. They each have tutorials explaining the steps to use their programs to forward your domain, or your emails.

Here are the links to GoDaddy and Namecheap:

GoDaddy Domain Forwarding

GoDaddy Email Forwarding

Namecheap Domain Forwarding

Namecheap Email Forwarding

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Zakaria Meftah

Zakaria Meftah

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder at Sendlane
Based out of San Diego, California, Zakaria aka “Zak” is our young technological prodigy. Zak started his internet career at a super young age of just 15 years old, learning the ins and outs of technology and marketing. From building webpages to hosting servers, he found a passion in email marketing. By the time he reached 21 years old, he was proud to have sold over $10 Million dollars in digital products and delivered over 1 billion emails in his career. As one of the co-founders of Sendlane in 2013, Zakaria uses his expertise and passion to lead our technology team in building one of the "easiest to use" autoresponders and email servicing platforms in the industry. He aspires to grow Sendlane™ into one of the most reputable and well known Autoresponders in the world.
Zakaria Meftah