Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing – It’s Easy and It Works!

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Ask any successful eCommerce marketer and they’ll tell you that the secret to getting to the head of the class is never just one thing. And while most companies tend to put all their online marketing eggs in one basket, the best plan of action is always about diversification. Especially when it comes to email and social media.

On one hand, email marketing is still the main driver for most marketing efforts, providing a whopping 3,800% return on investment. (that means that for every $1 you spend, you’ll get $38 worth of value!) This is your main point of communication from sales to product updates. On the other hand, social media sure is the little engine that could! Facebook and Twitter are getting smarter about ad algorithms. Newbies like Instagram and Snapchat are discovering new ways to advertise to their users everyday. Combine that with other avenues like pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization and content marketing and there are about a dozen ways to gain traction in the digital world.

So what’s a savvy (but lets face it, probably already over-worked) marketer like yourself supposed to do in the face of all these options? Here at Sendlane, we think that integrating social media and email marketing – can actually be pretty easy and massively successful. Even more than 3,800% successful.

integrating social media and email marketing

How to get started

The best brands are consistent across every single channel, creating an amazing customer experience that feels well thought out and intentional. Whether people are shopping in the store, browsing online, reading their emails or checking them out on social media. The experience is one of seamless connection. With this same holistic view, you can approach email marketing and social media as two elements of one strategy. You can promote sales campaigns and interact with customers through a joint collaboration of email messages and social media posts.

The best way to make that happen is to sync up your email marketing and social media calendars. Again, you’re looking at them as two elements to one plan, not two different things. The easiest way to do this might be to start with your email calendar. Add in scheduled social posts that enforce the messages you’re already planning to send out. That way you’re not accidentally doing twice the work for the same campaign.

For example, why have an email campaign calendar for your holiday marketing and a completely different social media calendar for the same stuff? By combining everything into one calendar, you can integrate your efforts and just write one set of content messaging to be repurposed for email or socials.


A few ways to encourage social media engagement through email


1. Include social links in your email messaging. Every. Single. Time.

At this point, if you’re not putting social links at the bottom of every email you send, please STOP RIGHT NOW. Go to your email template and put them in your footer. It will take you about five minutes. But even beyond that, there are lots more ways social links can be highlighted in your emails. We love how Really Good Emails does it. When you sign up for their email newsletter your confirmation includes a direct call-to-action to follow them on social media. People are already in the mood to sign up for something, so why not strike while the iron is hot?

Really Good Emails Graphic - - integrating social media and email marketing

2. Create an email campaign that incentivizes subscribers to follow you on social media – for a good cause!

Incentivize your email subscribers to follow you on social media – either for themselves or better yet, for charity! Take a cue from savvy nonprofits like Free the Children, which had the genius idea to pull together a few corporate sponsors, who would donate $1 for every 1 like on their Facebook page. Take that idea and spin it, telling email subscribers that you’ll donate $1 to a worthy cause, just for their “like” on your page … just be prepared shell out the money if lots of people like you!

Free the children social graphic - integrating social media and email marketing


3. Target different audiences for different social media avenues.

Think about which social media platforms you want to grow your audience on and segment your email subscriber list to send targeted messaging based on demographics like age and stage. For example, Facebook has more users overall, but LinkedIn may be better for a business-minded crowd. If you recently went to an industry trade show or professional conference, you may want to target that crowd with email messaging to connect with you on LinkedIn rather than asking them to “like” you on Facebook.


A few ways to encourage email engagement through social media:


1. Encourage people to subscribe for email updates on your social accounts

When planning out social posts, include at least one each week that gives a direct call-to-action encouraging people to subscribe to your email list and providing a link directly from the post to your landing page. It’s as easy as that!


2. Remind social followers of what they miss by not subscribing to your email list.

Birchbox did it beautifully and we bet they got a bunch of new subscribers looking for a $25 discount too!

Birch box instagram - integrating social media and email marketing


3. Upload your email list to social media

Did you know you could do that?! The Custom Audience Feature from Facebook actually allows you to upload all your contacts into Facebook, compare your own data with theirs and create custom audiences for targeted social media marketing.


Ready to put these tips to the test and start integrating your social media and email marketing? Get started with Sendlane! There are so many great ways to integrate your email marketing with other efforts. How do you use email and social together to achieve success?
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Caitlin Haines

Caitlin Haines

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