Introducing Event Tracking! (Know How Much Emails Are Making You)

As digital marketers, we rely on our emails to communicate and sell to our subscribers.

But there’s always been questions on directly tracking the revenue or leads of each and every email:

  • “How much does each and every email make us?”
  • “How many leads did that email get us?”
  • “How many people took action on my landing page?”
  • “Which automated follow up email worked best?”
  • “What is the DIRECT ROI of the email I just sent?”

Those are probably just a few questions that you may have.

The problem is, most Marketers just don’t have the time to spend days buried in spreadsheets of data trying to figure out just how much money their email marketing is making.

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce our newest and one of our most exciting features to date!

Event Tracking by Sendlane

You can now track EXACTLY how much each and every email is making you.

Regardless if it’s email #5 on your autoresponder… Or email #22 on your behavior based workflow… Or your most recent newsletter you sent out…

Sendlane now gives you the ability to track what emails worked best and the exact revenue or leads that email earned you.

Pretty cool right?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your Sendlane account and head to the Integrations tab.
  2. Select Event Tracking and create your event . You can select if you want to display conversions or events (such as a new lead or click on a certain page) along with the values and the currency.
  3. Click </> Get Code and copy this code to your clipboard.
  4. From here, it gets a little more technical, but most likely you have someone who can help you here. You’ll need to paste this code to the website you want to track.

This code should be placed on the conversion page or the event page – which means, your thank you page, your first OTO (one time upgrade) or any other page you take your visitor to after they complete the event.

And that’s it!

Sendlane will do the rest for you by identifying the email or workflow the event was triggered from and post it back in a nice easy to identify report like this:

Event tracking is all about providing you with clear, powerful insights that will help you to improve your email marketing strategy and generate outstanding results for your business.

This feature is now live for all Sendlane users!

So login to your Sendlane account, get started with Event Tracking and start getting the most bang for your email marketing bucks!

Jimmy Kim
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Jimmy Kim

CEO at Sendlane
Based out of San Diego, California, Jimmy has been a digital marketer for the past 8+ years. Before his ventures online, Jimmy rose from the ranks, started off by washing cars at a local dealership and eventually ended up being one of the youngest General Managers in the country by the age of 25. After being burnt out working 80+ hours a week, he eventually turned to Internet Marketing. He found a passion in email marketing and in 2013 helped create Sendlane as one of the co-founders. Today, he leads the entire Sendlane team.
Jimmy Kim
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