5 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Emails

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5 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Emails

Hey there fellow online marketers! Email automation is one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there. For B2C marketers, it can lead to conversion rates as high as 50%.

But marketers who get the most ROI from email automation have a secret weapon — personalization.

Personalized email messages can improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.

Let me show you 5 awesome ways you can start personalizing your marketing emails today.


Basic demographic details such as age, gender, employment, industry, education level, personal life and language can be used to personalize.

You can collect some of this information with your sign up form for prospects, or during the checkout process for current customers.

Here’s an example of personalization based on demographics — birthday emails sent out by a dental clinic:


Location and Time

If I run a few A/B tests on timing, I’ll find I get a higher open rate at certain times of day than others. People react differently to marketing at different times of day.

Once I have this knowledge, I can optimize when I send all my emails, but it’s also likely my audience is scattered across different time zones.

The solution?

Personalize your marketing emails based on each person’s location and time to get the best results. 

Or better yet, use Sendlane’s™ optimized timing feature!


A great way to drive interest and engagement with your emails is by personalizing them based on individual interests and preferences.

You can segment by:

  • Persona: Cater to the different attitudes and goals of your primary and secondary buyer personas.
  • Product: Segment by what products individual prospects might be most interested in.
  • Content: Personalize content type (blog, video, infographic, etc.) and topic to speak to individual preferences.

Netflix sends out marketing emails featuring shows based on their subscribers’ unique interests:


Image via Referral Saasquatch

Sales Funnel

I also like to group my email list based on where they are in the sales funnel (their level of interaction).

For new subscribers, you can send personalized content that encourages them to discover the features of your products or services, and learn more about how they can benefit.

Textbroker sent out this email not to encourage sales, but to educate their leads:


Image via Referral Saasquatch

Next, you can encourage them to engage with your product by offering a free trial or discount. Once they convert, your emails can be targeted at encouraging repeat purchases.

Here’s a great example of an email targeting former customers from HostGator:


Image via Webdesignledger


You can also set up automated emails to send out based on how your audience interacts with your product.

These are called “trigger” emails, and they’re super effective. Trigger campaigns account for more than 75% of email revenue.

Here are a few examples:

  • A welcome email for new subscribers
  • An email to upsell or cross-sell similar products based on purchase history
  • Re-engagement emails for former customers

Airbnb is a master at it. They send out personalized emails to people one day after they view a listing but don’t make a purchase:


Image via Referral Saasquatch

Inspired by these ideas? Sign up for a free trial of Sendlane™ to start personalizing your marketing emails today.

And if you know any other ways to personalize your marketing emails, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Anik Singal

Anik Singal

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