4 Steps to Launch a New Product with Email Marketing


Launching a product successfully can be a daunting task for even the biggest of companies.

After months of time and energy spent creating your “Next Big Thing,” you want to make sure that it gets the roll-out and attention it deserves … and ideally drives up your overall sales! 

How do you reach the right people? What channels are best for communication?

How will you make the biggest splash and ensure the highest visibility? We’ve got all the answers for you! Read on for four simple steps to launch your next new product with email marketing.


As with any email marketing campaign, you can’t just send out a blanket message to everyone on your distribution list when you’re introducing a new product. If you want to launch a new product with email marketing, it will be much more successful if you target the people in your existing audience who will be most likely to respond with interest.

Determining who will be a great fit for your Next Big Thing will be a lot easier if you’ve already taken the time to create buyer personas for your overall sales and marketing plans.

Tweak those strategic personalities to help you determine what specific group you want to target with your product launch. Think through the challenges you can help them solve and goals you can help them achieve with your new product.

Since a product launch typically combines the efforts of your marketing, sales and product development teams, having a clear plan of what messages you will send and when you will send them. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

And speaking of goals, what is yours? Think about what specific action you want readers to take at the end of your product launch campaign. Provide a clear call to action in each email that guides them to that end. If your ultimate goal is for readers to buy a new product, every CTA should bring them one step closer to that purchasing decision. Maybe your first email asks them to sign up to receive exclusive updates and offers on the new product. Maybe the second gives them the option to pre-order. Don’t confuse readers with a bunch of random CTA’s but make sure each one points to your main goal.

Phew! That first step is a big one! We promise the next three are more straightforward!


Sometimes the best part about new movies is the teaser trailer that comes before them. In just a couple of minutes, all the most exciting points are highlighted without revealing any of the big plot twists. This adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to the film, making you want to see it more than ever. Take this same approach to the release of your new product and tease subscribers with a “big announcement on the way” email that reveals exciting aspects without giving everything away all at once. Create intrigue for your Next Big Thing and make subscribers want to check their emails every few minutes to see what you’ve got up your sleeve.

Boosted Product Launch Email - launch a new product with email marketing



While your pre-launch teaser is all about building mystery, your official launch email should be crystal clear. When it comes time to officially release your Next Big Thing, here are a few things that will help you craft the best message:

  • Don’t focus on anything else! Your product launch email should be all about and only about your product launch. Don’t distract readers by mentioning an upcoming sale or anything else that’s unrelated to your new product. Keep your attention focused on what’s important and they will too.
  • Show them what they’ve won! Don’t just explain to readers what your new product is, explain to them why they need it. How will it make their jobs better or their lives easier? Clearly articulate the benefits of your new product so readers have no excuse not to click “buy.”
  • Promote early buy-in with exclusive incentives! Make it even easier for readers to say yes to your Next Big Thing by providing discounts and other special promo offers when they get in on the ground floor. And don’t just keep it to that first official announcement. Build multiple incentive emails into your product launch timeline. Consider incorporating messages that motivate early adopters or advertise “flash sales” a month after your initial launch to keep interest high.


Jet Email Invitation - launch a new product with email marketing



Now that you’ve successfully launched your Next Big Thing, keep the momentum going! Do this by building strategic literature into your general content strategy so you can highlight your new product and keep it at the forefront of people’s minds. Here are a three easy ways to do that:

  • Social Media: and regular basis is a great way to keep your product at the top of people’s minds … and their news feeds.
  • Industry Research and Trends: Did you just read an interesting article that relates to your product and how it might benefit others? Write about it on your blog and add a whole new layer of credibility to your Next Big Thing.
  • Endorsements: Whether it’s a long-form case study or a series of social media testimonials, nothing will promote your new product better than the people who love it! Check out how Revolution did it:


Revolution Testimonial Endorsement - launch a new product with email marketing

There you have it! Four steps to launch a new product with email marketing and make everyone take notice. And Sendlane can help! Start your free 14-day trial and create a product launch email marketing campaign that you can schedule and send automatically so nothing falls through the cracks!

Caitlin Haines

Caitlin Haines

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Caitlin Haines