4 Lesser-Known Ways to Repurpose Blog Content That Drives Fresh Traffic

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Here at Sendlane, we know it’s not always easy to try to come up with fresh blog content week in and week out. Writer’s block is a real thing!

But, guess what? Having the ability to repurpose old content can be a true lifesaver!

But that’s not the only reason why you should reconsider repurposed blog content. Providing a fresh take on an old piece that was popular in the past offers new opportunities to expose your materials to new audiences and increase engagement, all for less effort than creating something completely new.

So what are your best bets for repurposing content? We’re not going to talk about the obvious answers today. Rather, we’re going to dive deep into a few lesser-known methods that can still deliver a big impact!


Guides and Ebooks

If you’ve spent much time blogging at all, you’ve probably built an impressive library of blog posts. More often than not, a lot of these posts cover similar topics. So why not bundle your related articles together to create a guide or ebook?

Let’s say you’ve written a ton of articles on achieving high-quality Instagram images. You may have written a piece on lighting, another on framing, another on color composition, etc. Combine these into a single package, and presto—you have the “Ultimate Guide to Creating Amazing Instagram Photos!”


Instagram Ebook - Repurpose Blog Content

You’ll probably want to look over your text and images to make any updates before you combine old blog posts to form an ebook—but once it’s complete, you have a perfect piece of free promotional content that will establish your brand, provide valuable information and generate leads.


Pinterest Boards

Pinterest isn’t just for looking up recipes or other DIY ideas! If you have image-heavy blog content, creating Pinterest boards related to your blog posts can be a great way to find new audiences.

Your process for doing this is pretty straightforward:

  • Select an article with lots of images (how-to’s and other similar posts typically work best)
  • Create a branded Pinterest board related to your article topic
  • Add the images to your board, with captions discussing info from your article
  • Don’t forget to include a link back to your original blog post!


Pinterest Blog Board - Repurpose Blog Content

Just like that, you have a new potential source for blog traffic.


Posting on Quora

Quora is gaining popularity as a knowledge-heavy social site and is a great way to connect with niche audiences. Quora allows individuals to provide answers to a variety of questions using their own knowledge and experiences. 

You might think there won’t be many questions related to your niche, but people discuss almost EVERYTHING on Quora—from the latest movies to solar energy. Trust us, you should have no trouble finding questions you can answer.

More often than not, these relevant questions will tie into something you’ve written about on your blog. By sharing that info from your article (and linking to your blog post as an additional resource), you can generate new traffic and establish your industry authority in this online community.


Quora Board - Repurpose Blog Content


Newsletter Content

Your email subscribers don’t want to be blasted with store updates and sales offers—if you want to keep them around, you need to provide other items of value, too. Few tactics are better for providing educating and engaging emails than incorporating blog content into newsletters and other email updates.

Here are some of the best types of blog content to use in your emails:

  • Lists of tips and tricks from a recent how-to article
  • Interesting facts or statistics
  • Newsy industry updates
  • Infographics and other interesting graphics


Invision Newsletter - Repurpose Blog Content



These certainly aren’t the only ways you can repurpose blog content, but they tend to get overlooked by many bloggers. Don’t let this happen to you! Many of these repurposing tricks can be accomplished in only a few minutes!

With these repurposing tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be ready to drive more engagement to your blog than ever. Ready to put these tips to the test? Start your 14 day Sendlane free trial!

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