Resend Campaigns: Are They Worth It?

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Are your email open rates lower than you’d like? There are probably a lot of reasons why. Your subject line isn’t engaging enough, you’re sending emails at the wrong time, or maybe you’re attracting the wrong signups to your list. Or maybe your audience is just distracted. They’re too busy watching TV and checking their phone at the same time, so a lot of them just missed the email. If that’s the case, then your solution is simple. Start a resend campaign.


Do They Work?

There’s been a lot of research into the effectiveness of resend campaigns, and overall, they seem to bring results. Let’s look at an example:

One Forbes contributor decided to test out a resend campaign with their audience and saw an immediate increase in overall reach by 54.7%. Their follow up emails never performed as well as the first (the open rate and click-through rate dropped by 44% and 46% respectively). However; overall the effort was worth it.

The follow up email didn’t make waves, but it provided them with over 50% more leads actually seeing their emails. That made all the difference.


Reasons to Resend

Research has shown that only 18% of promotional emails are opened by receivers. That leaves a whopping 82% of your email list out of your reach.

Improving open rates is a major reason to use a resend campaign, but it’s far from the only benefit. You can also use resend campaigns to:

1. A/B Test

Subject lines are a huge factor in determining if someone will open an email or not. According to Marketingsherpa, personalized email subject lines increase open rates for consumer products and services companies by 41.8 percent. That’s huge.

A resend campaign is another opportunity to A/B test different subject lines. If you sent out an email and a lot of people didn’t open it, resend it to them with a new headline to see if it’s more effective.

You can also change and A/B test other factors that affect open rates, like the email address the mail was sent from, or the email text snippet that shows up in a lot of inboxes (like Gmail):

resend campaigns - gmail screenshot

2. Improve Other Metrics

Getting people to open your emails is far from the ultimate goal of your marketing campaign. There are other metrics you may want to improve that can help improve your bottom line, such as clickthrough rate or revenue. Research from Icubes has shown that resend campaigns can help in both these areas, with a potential revenue increase of 30% and CTR increase of 42%.


How to Do It

If it sounds like resend campaigns are a worthwhile venture for your marketing campaign, just make sure you follow all the steps to do them right.

Here are a few ground rules you should follow to make sure you get the most out of your resend campaign:

1. Only resend to subscribers who didn’t open

Don’t make the mistake of sending your email to everyone. People who already opened will most definitely be less than thrilled to see it again in their inbox. Use segmentation to create a special segment of people who didn’t open the email the first time. Then resend it to them alone.

2. Time it right

You should wait until you’re sure most of your list has had an opportunity to see your first email before you resend. 24 hours might not be enough, so wait at least a few days.

You can also think about changing the time of day you send out the second email. If you sent the first one out in the morning and had a poor open rate, you can A/B test by switching to afternoon.

3. Don’t spam your list

There are a lot of benefits of resend campaigns, but that doesn’t mean you should use this strategy with every email. Some people didn’t open your email because they simply weren’t interested in the content. Spamming them with resends of every email might drive them to unsubscribe.

So choose your resend campaigns carefully — select an email with a lot of potential for improvement. Also keep an eye on your unsubscribe rate while you do this, to make sure subscribers aren’t getting annoyed by repeat emails.

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