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10 Black Friday Email Promo
Ideas You Can Steal

1. Apple: Let Contacts Know About Your Sale Ahead of Time 

The closer we inch towards November, the more mindful people are of what they’re going to buy and who they’ll buy from. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 60% of consumers said they start their holiday shopping on November 10th. 

With people buying earlier and earlier each year, you need to get on their radar sooner. 

Subject line: The Apple Shopping Event is almost here

How To Do This: 

The easiest way is to send an email a couple of weeks ahead of Black Friday letting them know about your upcoming sale. The email above from Apple shows them doing just that. 

A few other tips you can takeaway from this email promo: 

  • • Let your subject line make it clear what your email is about 
  • • Include the dates the sale will take place
  • • If you can include a “Save the date” button, then try it out
  • • Keep all CTAs above the fold 

2. Uber: Use GiFs To Catch The Eye

Even in the age of a video marketing boom, sending video via email is a bit tough. The next best thing you can do is use a GiF. 

Uber designed their holiday campaign using GiFs. If you pay close attention to the image above, you’ll notice it’s one of six in an email drip designed to build up to a Black Friday email. 

The GiF background may not be as vital as the copy of the subject line, body content and campaign itself. However, they certainly do catch the eye and help persuade a subscriber to read the email in its entirety. 

Subject line: 2 tips for bringing the holiday party to you 🍴🎉

How To Do This: 

If you have a designer on the team, ask them to create branded GiFs for your Black Friday campaigns. 

No designer? No problem! You can also use Gifs from someplace like Giphy to add some festive fun to your emails. 


A few other tips you can takeaway from this email promo: 

  • • When using GiFs, make sure they add to the topic of the email 
  • • A/B test emojis in the subject line
  • • Build out a drip sequence rather than just one email to warm up customers to your Black Friday sales
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