50 Eye-Opening Email Marketing Stats

Email marketing tends to be seen as one of the “old school” digital marketing channels, getting passed up for the newer, shinier, trendier social media marketing.

But guess what? Email marketing is far from dead. As a matter of fact, it continues to be one of the BEST performing and MOST effective channels out there, especially when it comes to ROI.

Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for it.

That’s exactly why we’ve put together 50 awesome data backed email marketing stats to show you exactly why email marketing is crucial to your overall marketing strategy!

It’s All About Mobile

  1. 91% of internet users check email at least once a day from their smartphones. (Betanews)
  2. Desktop represents 16% of all email opens, webmail represents 30% and mobile represents 54%. (Litmus)
  3. Mobile email will account for 20 – 75% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type. (emailmonday)
  4. The iPhone is the most popular platform in the mobile email space (60%) followed by Apple iPad (21%) and Google Android (18%). (Litmus)
  5. Apple users read their emails quickly. Ipad and Iphone both show a higher percentage with a 0-3 seconds email read length. (Movable Ink)
  6. The biggest turnoffs people have with mobile email are: Receiving too many emails (44%), Emails are not relevant (37%), Emails are too small to read and interact with (32%), Website and landing pages are not mobile optimized (26%) and emails not well formatted for mobile (21%). (LiveClicker & Relevancy Group)

    Segment, Segment, Segment

  7. Segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non segmented email campaigns. (Mailchimp)
  8. 32% of marketers say that segmenting their email database is one of their organization’s top objectives in the next 12 months. Furthermore 52% of marketers say that they need to improve their email database segmentation. (MarketingSherpa)
  9. Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. (DMA)
  10. 83% of companies use at least basic segmentation for their emails. (Econsultancy)

    Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal

  11. The open rate for emails with a personalized message was 18.8% as compared to 13.1% without any personalization in 2016. (Statista)
  12. Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%. (Aberdeen)
  13. Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. (Experian)
  14. Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized experiences. (Monetate)
  15. 94% of customer insights and marketing professionals across multiple industries said that personalization is “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important” for meeting their current email marketing objectives. (Conversant Media)

    It’s All In The Subject Line

  16. 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone. (Convince & Convert)
  17. 40% of emails are opened on mobile first – where the average mobile screen can only fit 4 -7 words max. (ContactMonkey)
  18. Open rates decrease by 18.7% when the word “newsletter” is used in the subject line. (Adestra)
  19. Personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened than non personalized subject lines. (Adestra)
  20. Subject lines that create a sense of urgency and exclusivity can give a 22% higher open rate. (Invespcro)
  21. Nearly half (47%) of marketers say they sometimes test alternate subject lines to optimize email performance. (MarketingProfs)

    Email Marketing Vs. Social Media

  22. 90% of emails make it to the recipients inbox while only 2% of Facebook fans will see your updates in their newsfeed. (Forrester)
  23. On average, 1 in 5 marketing emails get opened, with a click-through rate of 3.57%, while on Facebook; you can expect a click-through rate of 0.07% (MailMunch)
  24. 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media. (MarketingSherpa)
  25. 4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something as compared to 0.59% from social media. (Monetate)
  26. The average order value of an email is at least 3x higher than that of social media. (McKinsey)
  27. Email is 40x more likely to acquire new customers than Facebook or Twitter. (McKinsey)

    Automation Makes a Difference

  28. Automated emails have 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages. (Epsilon)
  29. 64% of marketers say they saw the benefits of using marketing automation within the first six months of its implementation. (Regalix)
  30. The number one reason marketers at top-performing companies use email automation is to increase revenue. (Gleanster)
  31. Companies who send automated email are 133% more likely to send relevant messages. (Epsilon)

    A Welcome Goes a Long Way

  32. Subscribers that receive a welcome email show 33% more long-term brand engagement.(ChiefMarketer)
  33. Welcome emails typically have 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate of other mailings. (Experian)
  34. 74% of people are expecting to receive a welcome email immediately after they subscribe to your list. (BlueHornet)
  35. Welcome emails have 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails. (Demac Media)
  36. Welcome emails that contain an offer boost revenue by 30% per email compared to welcome emails with no offer. (Experian)
  37. Welcome emails with social media links have a 6% higher click through rate than welcome emails without those links. (Experian)

    The ROI Doesn’t Lie

  38. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates an average of $38 in ROI (DMA)
  39. 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns. (DMA)
  40. 20% of marketers can directly link their email operations to their company’s primary revenue source. (Pardot)
  41. ROI of email marketing is 28.5% better than for direct mail. (Chief Marketer)
  42. For 1 in 5 companies, email marketing provides an ROI greater than 70-to-1. (DMA)

    Just For Fun!

  43. The human fingertip is around 44pt. This means your buttons need to be sized accordingly to make tapping easy for mobile readers. (Apple)
  44. 58% of adults check their email first thing in the morning. (Capterra)
  45. Our brains process images 60,000x faster than text. It’s important to choose images that tell a story. (Business2Community)
  46. Iphones will cut off a subject line over 32 characters. (Harland Clarke Digital)
  47. 78% check email in the bathroom, 33% check email while on vacation, 20% check email at weddings. (TheMuse)
  48. Email is the preferred means of business communication across all age groups. (MarketingSherpa)
  49. Consumers check their phone for new notifications 150 times a day on average. (Statista)
  50. 73% of Millennials identify email as their preferred means of communication. (Procurious)


Are you convinced? We hope so!

Email marketing can provide you with all the tools you need to boost your business and build a strong relationship with your customers!

So put these stats to the test and get started with your very own killer email campaign!



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