Introducing Sendlane’s New Integration: ClickBank!

With over 200,000,000 (that’s not a typo) customers worldwide and growing, ClickBank is a great place to not only sell digital and physical products or services but also an excellent resource for finding offers to promote.

No matter the niche, ClickBank has become the “go to” when it comes to selling your products.

So today we’re excited to reveal our newest native integration to one of the world’s largest internet retailers, ClickBank!

Here’s how it works

We made this integration as simple as possible and it takes just a few minutes to set up!

Let’s get started:

1. Log into your ClickBank account.

2. On the top bar, click on “Settings.”

3. In the sub menu that appears, go to “My Site.”

4. Next, you’ll need to scroll down to “Advanced Tools” and click “Edit.”
5. This step is where it gets a little tricky. In red, you’ll see the words: “Instant Notification URL: (request access).” When you click there, you’ll be shown the following request form to complete and submit:
6. Once your request is approved, you’ll be shown this screen:7. Now in a separate window, log into your Sendlane account and go to the Integration tab on the left hand side.

8. Choose ClickBank and click “Setup.” 9. Click the green button on the top right that says “Connect ClickBank Site.” 10. Now you’ll be asked to name your integration. (This is for internal use only)

11. Next, you’ll be shown a screen with a bunch of different info that looks like this:Let’s break down what each & every piece of this screen is, and the actions you need to take.

Secret Key:
This is the “code” used by ClickBank and Sendlane to communicate with each other. We supply you with a safe, secure code!

The Secret Key will be placed in your ClickBank account here:Instant Notification URL: This is the URL that you need to paste inside of your ClickBank account here:

Site Name: This is what you named the integration. This will not be displayed anywhere except inside of your Sendlane account.

New Customer Settings: Here you can either:

  • Add customers based on the product purchased
  • Add all customers to one list

Simply follow the steps inside of Sendlane to set up your list (or lists).

12. Once you’ve successfully copied your Secret Key and Instant Notification URL over to your ClickBank account, just click on “Test IPN” button. Once clicked, if you’ve entered the correct Secret Key and used the correct Notification URL, you’ll see the status change to “verified.”’

And that’s it – all of your new ClickBank customers will now automatically be added to the list of your choice!

Please note: This is not an instant process (ClickBank can take up to 2 hours to pass the information) but generally it is very quick! We’re only able to fire NEW sales.

The Sendlane Recommendation

Now that you’re capturing new sales in real time, you’ll want to bond with those customers and start increasing trust!

Here’s a few tips and tricks we recommend to do just that:

Tip 1. Segment your list. If you have multiple front ends or multiple upsells, the best thing you can do is to segment each and every customer based on their purchases.

Tip 2. Set up your workflows! We can’t stress the importance of this. We encourage you to set up a 7 to 14 day series of daily follow-up emails.

Tip 3. Some follow ups we recommend are:

  • Introduction/ Welcome Emails
  • Celebration Emails
  • Customer Support
  • Important Updates
  • Upgrade Option Emails
  • Promotional Emails

Tip 4. Set up automation rules. Anything goes here, so include any automation settings you want!

And that’s that!

With ClickBank being one of the world’s largest internet retailers for digital products, it only made sense for Sendlane to be integrated with them!

And now that the integration is LIVE and available for ALL Sendlane accounts, you can log in and start building relationships with your ClickBank customers!

Just another way Sendlane is here for you & your business!

Now, if you’re not signed up for Sendlane just yet, why not give us a try? Our FREE 14 day trial allows you to test out ALL features (including the ClickBank integration) completely risk free!

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