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How Top Content Creators
Fuel Their Biz With Marketing

So you're a content creator...

No two days are the same but you know one thing for sure; you have one killer job. 

Every day, you’re creating content of all kinds and making every effort to turn your passion into profit.

Oh, and you’re probably dreaming of that one-way ticket to Tahiti where you can reflect on your success as a Content Creator; tropical cocktail in hand. 

Pro Tip #1: They Have a Welcome Sequence

A welcome sequence or funnel, is a marketing approach that converts traffic from your website by using a lead magnet (a freebie!). Utilizing email automation, you then deliver a series of related emails over a period of time to your new subscriber.

A welcome sequence is meant to nurture new leads; taking those leads on a journey, serving them, and then turning them into a paying customer once you have built a healthy amount of trust.

Here is a successful welcome sequence you can set up today: 

Email #1: You deliver your free offer. Thank your new subscriber for joining your community. Include any instructions they may need to get the most out of your freebie. Be sure to introduce yourself and what you do!

Email #2: Tell a story about what makes you unique and why you are proud of your product or service. Include a bit about your competitive edge! Then, invite them to engage with you, whether it be questions they have about your free offer or any services you provide.

Email #3: Send a message that includes your top resources, your most shared blog posts, where they can follow you on social media, and anything more they would need to max out your offerings.

A welcome sequence, done through automation, engages your subscriber and shows them that you have more to offer than just your initial freebie.

The great news is that once you set up your welcome sequence with Sendlane, it’s done! We promise – once you have this sequence mapped out and automated, it’ll be your new favorite thing about your business.

If you don’t want to do a welcome sequence, consider crafting one clever email that packs a punch!

Just like Beardbrand, your email can of course welcome your new contact while providing information on what’s to come to keep them craving MORE content from you!

Pro Tip #2: They Have a Lead Magnet (Or, a FREEBIE!) 

Lead magnets are super tempting incentives that content creators offer their target audience, in exchange for their email address. 

A lead magnet can be a downloadable guide, an ebook, a market report, and more. Whatever the lead magnet is, it’s TOTALLY FREE to the end user…in exchange for their email address. 

Every business, no matter the type or mission, should have at least one free lead magnet. This is how a lead funnel is created! 

Some of the most popular lead magnets from content creators like you include: 

  • • Webinars, Courses, and Challenges
  • • eBooks, White papers, and Market Reports
  • • Checklists, Cheat Sheets, and Guides
  • • Templates and Swipe Files
  • • Discounts and Coupon Codes



In fact, while you’re at it — grab our free eBook here to get all the inside tips and tricks on marketing automation!

So, how does it all work behind the scenes? 

When a person opts into your free lead magnet, that information is sent directly to your Sendlane account. From there, based on the behaviors, actions, or events of the lead – Sendlane will help you nurture them with timely and relevant content.

The best part? It’s 100% automated! 

Pro Tip #3: They Have a Carefully Segmented List 

Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized, targeted experiences.

Some ways that you can segment: 

  • • By opt-in source. Maybe one lead wanted your ‘Free Content Marketing Checklist’ while another wanted your eBook on ‘Mastering Social Media.’ You can create separate marketing lists based on these preferences.
  • • By user status. You want to speak differently to prospects who are window shopping than to returning customers.
  • • By behavior or interest. Send different email prompts to your contacts who opened your last email, to those who didn’t open squat, and to those who opened and clicked on a specific link.

The key here is to create a customer journey unique to each subscriber and how they engage with your content. This approach ensures that every piece of communication they receive from you is relevant to them. That’s the key to a highly effective email marketing campaign.  

Here, Barnes and Noble are asking their email subscribers to segment by interest: 

Depending on where you click; Non-Fiction, Kids, Teen, Best Sellers – Barnes & Noble’s email automation system now understands what to send you more of, in the future. 

The upside of sending relevant email content: 

  • • Boosted open rates
  1. • Higher click through rates
  3. • Greater conversion rates
  5. • More revenue! 

Obviously, you are busy being awesome, and you don’t have time for all of this. 

The great news again….with Sendlane, this is 100% automated. 

Sendlane’s behavior-based automation and event tracking tools will enable your business to automate the entire customer experience. We have over 1,400+ intelligent integrations available to you. 

You can segment right from the start by asking your audience what topics they want to hear about from you, and which ones they don’t. 

This action can be taken through a simple email reply, a survey, or questions that you ask in a ‘Contact Us’ page. 

Caitlin Hutchinson

Caitlin Hutchinson

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