4 Powerful Formulas That Drive Email Conversions

When writing your email marketing copy, you typically have an end goal in mind – right?

Maybe it’s to sell a product, to encourage sign-ups, or to introduce something new and exciting and educate your subscribers about it.

The thing is: Standard copy that’s not backed in strategy can often fall flat.

Instead of “winging it” when it comes time to write your conversion-driving emails you need to deploy some tried and tested writing formulas that are proven to produce results.

In this post, we’re going to cover some writing formulas that are backed in psychology and that copywriters have been using successfully in advertising and marketing for many, many years.

These are formulas that you can borrow and tweak for your own emails right away.

1. Features-advantages-benefits

First up is the features-advantages-benefits formula.

If you’re writing an email that’s introducing a new product, the F-A-B formula is highly effective for driving conversions because of the way it highlights many different positive aspects of what you’re offering.

how it works

Features: Outline what your product or service does.

Advantages: Explain why it’s important and why it should matter to the reader.

Benefits: Point out the positive results that the features and advantages can produce.

A common mistake that happens in email is that marketers stick to features only.

There’s an underlying problem with this, that is actually a pretty big deal.

People don’t necessarily care about features.

They want to know about the benefits those features can produce.

People are focused on how your product or service can make their lives simpler and easier by solving common problems.

Using F-A-B, you give those features a little extra punch and drive home the value behind them.

2. Pain-agitator-solution

Solving a problem is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to writing copy so it makes sense to incorporate this into your email marketing, too.

This formula (P-A-S) focuses on pain points and then bringing in an easy solution as a quick, problem-solving fix.

how it works

Present a problem: Identify a common problem that the target audience is facing.

Agitate it: Tease out the unpleasant emotions around the problem, reminding the audience why this problem is so annoying.

Present a solution: Swoop in with a clear, simple solution that makes the pesky problem go away.

If you’re selling a product that solves a problem, this formula is as good as gold.

Use it to showcase how your amazing product can make life so much easier.

3. What-who-what

If your email needs to deploy the powers of persuasion, consider using the (W-W-W) formula to divulge important details in an ultra-convincing format.

By answering some important questions up front, you can help convince your customers they need to buy or act now.

how it works

What: Explain what you’re offering and what it does.

Who: Outline who you are and why you’re trustworthy.

What: Share what steps to take to get the offer.

This formula is often seen in infomercials but it works well for email marketing too, as it keeps communication clear, succinct, and action-oriented.

4. Don’t-can’t-won’t

This writing formula works well for an audience that’s prone to objections.

Maybe they respond to your emails with a million different reasons they’d love to buy – but they just can’t right now.

You probably see these emails laced with words like don’t, can’t, and won’t.

That’s why using the (D-C-W) formula right off the bat knocks out those buyer hesitations before they can even be presented.

how it works

Don’t: Address the reasons they don’t want to buy.

Can’t: Address the reasons they can’t buy.

Won’t: Address the reasons they won’t buy.

Once you’ve beat them to their own conclusions, address their concerns and assure them that they’re wrong.

Give them a reason to test those falsehoods with a free trial or a test drive of sorts and most of the time, you can hook them.

Drive Conversions With More Effective Emails

Your email copy needs to have a strategy behind it.

Using these writing formulas, you can boost email conversions and be much more strategic about your approach to constructing compelling copy within email.

When you pair these formulas with attention grabbing subject lines and a powerful email marketing tool (like Sendlane) your email marketing can take on a whole new level of ROI you didn’t realize was possible.

Inspire customers and drive more conversions with this integrated strategy today.

You’ll be maximizing your email marketing results in no time!


Caitlin Haines

Caitlin Haines

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Caitlin Haines