Five Quick Emails You Can Craft in a Hurry

You know you need to email your list regularly by sending out useful and interesting content.

But sometimes brainstorming ideas, writing, and designing your message takes… forever. 

Getting bogged down by this process might be stopping you from staying in touch with people regularly. That lack of communication can have serious consequences, like higher unsubscribe rates and increased spam complaints.

But it is possible to stay in touch with your list frequently without spending hours on your email content.

What you need is some shortcuts for creating simple, useful emails for your readers, so you’re ready to hit send faster.

So, we pulled together a list of some quick emails you can create for your list in record time.

Let’s take a look!

1. The Easy Win Email

“Easy wins” are small changes people can implement to make their lives easier or move them toward their goals.

These little victories can inspire and motivate your audience, which helps them trust your brand!

Giving your readers an easy win is a great way to add value without needing to invest a ton of time into the creation process.

How To write this quick email

Brainstorm a couple of small, enticing, easy-to-implement “wins” your reader could accomplish in one afternoon (or better yet…under an hour!)

Then write a concise, to-the-point email that explains exactly how to accomplish that task or process. 

Check out this checklist example from Freelancer to get some inspiration:

The word count on this message barely breaks 50, which means they saved a TON of time writing copy here.

Easy-peasy, right?

2. The Recommendation Email

You can create a valuable email in minutes by giving a recommendation for one small, simple resource that will help people solve their problems.

Consider recommending:

  • A piece of software (online or offline)
  • An app
  • An online calculator
  • A gadget or piece of hardware
  • A guide or resource

Basically, you can share anything that will be valuable to your audience here!

Look for tools that pair well with your product or services, or serve as a stepping stone toward making a purchase with you!

This isn’t meant to a sales email, though, so keep the focus on helping people.

How to write this quick email

Come up with 3 or 4 potential ideas for tools, then choose the most relevant one for your readers right now.

Write a quick description of the tool, telling your readers why you recommend it. Explain what problem it solved for you, and how it can help them too!

Link to the tool at least twice in your message, just like this super-simple email does:

As you can see, this is another email with bare-bones copy.

Remember: short and simple does work!

3. The Round-Up List Email

Another quick email idea is to recommend a couple of helpful books, podcasts, videos, or blog posts in a short round-up email.

You can keep a running list of resources like this (in Evernote, Excel, or a Google Doc), so you can create recommendation emails fast. 

To write this quick email

Kick off your message with a short introduction, then include 3 to 5 resources from your list. 

Add a brief description for each item, explaining why that resource is important for the reader, as well as a clear link.

This email from Apple News is a great example of how to present a round-up message to your list:

Pro Tip: Use the meta description text from your posts as the blurb for each resource to save even more time!

4. The Short Story Email

You can inspire your readers in minutes with a short story.

Short story emails are the perfect place to feature success stories from your customers, or share a relevant personal story (if you’re a personal brand).

Don’t use product testimonials these emails, though – you’re trying to inspire and teach your readers with helpful content.

How To write this quick email

Try to write your story in under 20 minutes to keep your content short-and-sweet.

As you’re writing, show why the story is relevant to their interests, and make sure you include a compelling introduction and conclusion.

This message from Charity: Water tells the story of how powerful fundraising can be when kids are involved, using 3 examples of really effective campaigns!

Did you notice how each individual story only includes 2 or 3 sentences to describe the kids doing the fundraiser BUT there’s still plenty of compelling detail to grab your attention?

That’s the trick to a good short story!

5. The Solo Content Email

Let’s face it. Even the most dedicated of readers sometimes miss things you share.

Sending a solo content email is a great way to draw attention to a really valuable resource you’ve created in the past!

Especially if it’s something that may have been otherwise overlooked.

When you send a short, focused email that features a single link, you’ll get a higher click-through rate than if you hide your link within a longer newsletter or list email.

How To write this Quick email

Decide on a piece of content you want to feature, and make sure you have the link handy.

Write a couple of quick sentences describing the problem your content solves, and why your readers will find the new piece useful, fun, or inspiring. 

Then include a link to the content on its own line in the email, like this:

“Click here to watch the video now.”

Again, the strategy here involves packing a compelling punch into a short-and-sweet message. Say what you need to say to get the point across so readers click-through and leave it at that.

Plus, you can also include a PS that encourages readers to share the content to get even more eyes on it!

Brian Dean of Backlinko does a great job of introducing his new videos to his list with enticing descriptions like this:

This example is longer than the other’s we’ve shared, but it does the trick nonetheless!

Send Your Next Email Quickly & Painlessly

It is possible to write a send a useful, well-thought-out email without having to devote hours to the process.

Having a handful of quick email ideas like these can help you stay in touch with your list more often – and that’s a good thing for your contacts, and for your brand.

Has this list of shortcuts sparked an idea for a quick email you’d love to send to your list?

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Kristen Dahlberg

Content Manager at Sendlane
As a member of the Sendlane content marketing team, Kristen focuses on everything from organization to content curation and process improvement. She enjoys variety and the challenge of learning the best way to accomplish each new goal.

Outside of work, Kristen spends as much time as possible at the beach, soaking up the San Diego sunshine!