Grow Your Email List With a Simple Import

If you’re like most marketers, you have a ton of different strategies going all at once.

But that doesn’t always mean you had everything planned out and perfectly organized right from the start.

Maybe you started collecting lead information on another platform but then recently decided to upgrade to Sendlane. (Yay! We’re so happy to have you!)

Or, perhaps you didn’t learn about our handy eCommerce integrations until after you already started making sales.

Or, maybe you set up an integration to add new leads to the wrong list but didn’t realize until a bunch of contacts had already been transferred…


Luckily, we have an easy process for getting all of your verified leads loaded up perfectly into your Sendlane account.

First, in order to get those verified leads loaded into your account, you’ll need to contact our Compliance Team to share some details on what happened and where you acquired your leads. You can reach them right here.

Once your import is approved, you’re ready to get started!

Here are the 3 different import options available inside of your account:

  1. Copy & paste – which is great for manually adding a few names at a time
  2. File upload – perfect for adding lists of leads from existing spreadsheets or text files
  3. API connection – so you can automatically transfer leads over from another service

Now, it’s important to note that Sendlane is a permission-based platform. Since we pride ourselves on our high deliverability and great sending reputation, we don’t allow imports unless the contacts are validated.

But once you’ve touched base with our Compliance Team to confirm a few important specifics about your contacts, it’s easy to import leads from almost anywhere!

That way you can stop worrying about all those contacts who are missing out on your marketing emails, and start focusing on ways to improve your strategy going forward!

Sounds great right?

Well, there’s no time like the present! So click on over to your Sendlane account and get those contacts of yours imported today!

Or, click here to get all signed up so you can check out everything Sendlane has to offer.

We’ll give you 14 days to try out the platform for free! Then, once you’ve had some time to give us a spin, you can take advantage of our easy import process to start connecting with all your leads!

Kristen Dahlberg

Content Manager at Sendlane
As a member of the Sendlane content marketing team, Kristen focuses on everything from organization to content curation and process improvement. She enjoys variety and the challenge of learning the best way to accomplish each new goal.

Outside of work, Kristen spends as much time as possible at the beach, soaking up the San Diego sunshine!