Your Guide to Creating The Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are a core piece of any content marketing strategy because they help convince visitors to take a specific action.

That action might be signing up for an email list, buying a product—you name it. They’re proven to work, too: Research shows that landing pages can increase conversions by as much as 86%.

But landing pages aren’t just for standalone marketing efforts. When paired with email, they can help create seamless, personalized experiences for your subscribers that help create a fluid journey from inbox to website and back again.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what makes a perfect landing page, what you need to keep in mind when pairing landing pages with your email efforts, and what tools you can use to create them.

What makes a “Perfect” landing page?

When it comes to building out great landing pages that drive conversions and encourage visitors to take action (like to sign up for your email list, for example), there are a few best practices to keep top-of-mind.

Following these tips will help you build out landing pages that are effective lead generation tools for your business. Here’s what your landing page needs:

1. A strong headline that showcases value

The copy in your landing page headline should be value-oriented, concise, and intriguing for the reader. As you write, be sure to:

  • Include words that create a curiosity gap like ‘secret’ or ‘unspoken’ to make the reader wonder what’s inside your offering.
  • Numbers, as they help the reader understand that what you’re teaching is quick and easy to learn.
  • A results-oriented offer. Tell the reader what he/she can learn from the offering you’re promoting and spotlight some enticing results it can help the reader achieve.


Break down the benefits of your offering into quick, easy-to-consume facts in the form of reader-friendly bullet points. Most readers are scanning when they read online, so these quick blips of information make the copy on your landing page easy to read and understand.

Big blocks of text can seem overwhelming to some readers and can keep them from taking action, so try to break down information and key points into bite-sized pieces.


The call-to-action (CTA) button is what drives conversions on your landing page, so it needs to stand out from the page as a clear path to action. Use a color that contrasts from your page background and compelling button copy that promotes the offer.

In some instances, adding microcopy around your CTA button can help move readers down the path to action by eliminating uncertainty. You can use an arrow and a bit of microcopy, for example, to remind your visitor that the offer is free and they just need to click the button to get it.


It can be tempting to include multiple offers on a landing page, but you need to keep your reader focused on taking a single action if you want them to follow through.

Keep the reader moving down a single, clear path to the CTA button without distractions along the way. That means eliminating alternate conversion paths, bulky text, or distracting images that clutter the page. Simple and focused is better than flashy and loud in this situation.

Want to see what this looks like in practice? Take a look at the Inbox Better landing page, which leverages all of these best practices:

Inbox Better Landing Page - Perfect Landing PageThis landing page hits all the marks for a strong, compelling offer–and it has a clear, single path to conversion.

How to integrate landing pages and email marketing

Part One – Getting the opt-in

Now that you know how to construct a landing page, let’s talk about how they can be paired with email.

The first step to pairing these efforts is to set up your opt-in process. Your landing pages are the destination in which new subscribers sign up for your email list, but in most scenarios, it’s not enough to feature an opt-in form and hope new people sign up–you need to give visitors a reason to join your list.

To encourage sign-ups, many marketers include offers on their landing pages, which provide value and/or education in exchange for a piece of user information (typically name and email address).

The offer could be something like:

  • eBook
  • Guide
  • Report
  • Checklist
  • Video Training

These offers, also known as lead magnets, need to offer something relevant and valuable to the visitor that would be worthwhile enough for them to share their email addresses.

Part Two – Keeping an engaged list

Once you have a growing list of email subscribers, you can use landing pages from the other end of the equation, too. By integrating email and custom landing pages that are tailored to email content, you can send your email readers to highly relevant website destinations.

Doing so is an easy way to boost relevancy (rather than sending them to your home page or a product page.) Linking to a custom landing page from your email campaign means you can keep the journey and messaging focused and seamless.

So, for example: Say you’re creating an email campaign about a sale on a specific course you created. Rather than linking to a product page with all of your different courses, you can link to a special landing page that promotes the specific course and the limited time deal you’re offering.

It’s much more relevant for the reader and keeps the journey from inbox to website streamlined.

Makes sense, right?

But That’s Not All

When you tie together email and landing pages this also opens the door for:

  • Automation, for time or action-triggered campaigns that send at exactly the right moment
  • A destination for limited time offers that create a sense of urgency in emails
  • Greater personalization for a more tailor-made feeling to both the email and landing page

If you’re looking for a way to create more seamless experience for your visitors and subscribers, landing pages are the way to go.

Endless Possibilities with Sendlane Landing Pages

With this knowledge on linking up your emails and landing pages, let’s next talk about some specific landing page features you can leverage using Sendlane.


Landing pages need to be customizable so you can build out the unique copy, images, and conversion paths that are part of your sales funnel.

With Sendlane, you can use the simple drag-and-drop features to build a custom landing page within minutes. Plus: You don’t need a training course to be able to get started–it’s extremely intuitive and user-friendly.

How it works: Use grids to make building and customizing a landing page simple. You can drop in different copy and design assets with just a few clicks.

Landing Page Builder - Perfect Landing Page


Landing pages need to leverage a sense of urgency to drive visitors down the path to action. It’s proven to work: One case study found that adding a limited time shipping offer to a page boosted sales by 226%.

With Sendlane, you can add and program a countdown timer to your landing page so you can give your visitors one more reason to act NOW. These timers are mobile-friendly and add a compelling sense of scarcity around your offer.

How it works: Select a pre-designed template with a built-in timer or simply drag and drop the timer element into the landing page editor. From there you have the ability to choose the exact date and time of your countdown.

Countdown Timer Landing Page - Perfect Landing Page


A thank you page is what appears after the visitor completes the journey and takes the desired action outlined on your landing page. This is your opportunity to (you guessed it!) thank your new subscriber for subscribing to your list.

With Sendlane, your thank you page can include a customized message that thanks the visitor for following through and shares any necessary steps needed to claim the product/content you promoted on your landing page.

How it works: Again, the drag and drop tools make the creation process extremely easy and there are a variety of pre-designed templates for you to choose from to simplify the process even more.

Thank You Page - Perfect Landing Page


Looking to add video to your landing pages? Sendlane makes it easy.

Video can be a great engagement medium to add to your landing page so that visitors are able to absorb your message with minimal effort. Not only that, but video can help to add a level of credibility to your landing page by helping to humanize your brand.

Adding this element to your landing page can be a great way to engage your visitors and encourage them to sign up to your list.

How it works: Quickly and easily add video by choosing from a variety of templates already customized for video or by dragging and dropping the video player placeholder into your landing page.

Video Landing Page - Perfect Landing Page


Facebook Pixel Integration for Effective Tracking

If Facebook is part of your promotion strategy, you need a Facebook Pixel integration so you can effectively track your traffic from Facebook. Sendlane has this built right in.

Using this integration, you can accurately monitor how well your Facebook ads and posts are performing in relation to your landing page. This integration can also help with retargeting efforts to bring back visitors who didn’t follow through and convert the first time.

How it works: Easily add your Facebook pixel by copy and pasting your pixel code into the Tracking Code section of your landing page settings. Sendlane doesn’t just limit you to Facebook either, you’re welcome to paste any analytics code you want into your landing page (Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer, etc.)

Integration With Website Platform, SEO, Tools, & Analytics 

Last, but not least: Sendlane lets you make landing pages that will easily integrate with your website platform (like WordPress, for example.) It also has built-in tools for search engine optimization (SEO) as well as analytics so you can monitor the effectiveness of your landing page efforts.

The bottom line: Sendlane is the go-to resource for marketers who want to build their own landing pages and integrate them with email efforts (but don’t want to have to take a course to figure out how to do that.) It’s an easy-to-use resource that makes the whole process simple, fast, and highly customizable.

Perfect Landing Page - Analytics

Start Today: Pair Landing Pages and Email

By creating emails that lead to customized, highly relevant landing pages with limited time offers, you can drive more conversions and make more sales in no time at all.

With everything you now know about how landing pages, all that’s left to do is to start building one of your very own! Get started today using Sendlane and start making pairing up email and landing pages a regular part of your strategy.

Need more tips about email? Check out our free eBook Inbox Better.


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