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Join By Text - Grow Your
Email List Via SMS

What is Join By Text?

Join By Text is an SMS opt-in tool that allows people to join a company’s email list by sending a quick text message.

Join By Text is an SMS opt-in tool that allows people to join a company’s email list by sending a quick text message.

Whether you’re giving a presentation, putting up a billboard, or distributing flyers, you can easily reach a bigger audience and get them to opt in to your email list by sending a simple text.

Let’s find out how it works.

How does Join By Text work?

1. Pick a Custom Keyword

While signing up with Join By Text, you can simply choose a keyword of your liking.

This will be the keyword that your audience will text to a 5-digit number to join your email list.

Don’t worry about spending too much time on this stage. You can always choose a new keyword later if you change your mind!

2. Create your welcome message

Once you receive a text from a prospective lead, you can send out a custom message asking them for their email address.

It’s good practice to follow up with a short ‘thank you’ or ‘welcome’ message once they’ve signed up!

You can customize this message and even add a link to your website.

Try using a tool like Bitly to shorten your URLs so they take up less text space!

3. sync your email platform

Our favorite bit about Join By Text is that you can easily integrate it with your email marketing platform, including Sendlane!

This allows you to automatically sync new signups to your existing email list.

In case you’re using a platform that’s not supported by Join By Text, you can easily download a list of email contacts in CSV or Excel format, and import them into your email marketing database.

When you do that, all emails captured through Join By Text will be automatically added to your Sendlane email lists.

You can then send out automated follow up emails and more to nurture leads, build relationships, and convert them into paying customers!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on integrating Join By Text with Sendlane.

How to integrate Join By Text with Sendlane

If you’re looking for an effective way to quickly grow your email list and reach a bigger audience, definitely check out Join By Text!

Sign up today!

Caitlin Hutchinson

Caitlin Hutchinson

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Caitlin Hutchinson