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Poptin - Create Custom Popups
& Forms That Display The Right
Message at The Right Time

What is Poptin?

Simply put, Poptin is a tool that helps marketers create engaging web and mobile popups to improve their conversion rates.

You can use Poptin to meet different business objectives, including:

  • • Getting more email subscribers
  • • Getting more leads and sales
  • • Reduce shopping cart abandonment 
  • • Increasing overall engagement

With Poptin, you also get to choose from a huge variety of pop-up formats…

These include:

  • • Lightbox
  • • Top and bottom bars
  • • Mobile pop-ups
  • • Full screen pop-ups
  • • Side pop-ups at six possible locations
  • • Countdown pop-ups
  • • Social widgets 

Poptin also lets you choose when you want to show your pop-up. You can have your pop-up appear after your visitor scrolls down, after several seconds, after several clicks, after a link click, or after your visitor displays exit intent. 

Using Poptin to Generate More Leads

To get started with Poptin, sign up for a free Poptin account, then fill out your basic information. 

From here, you’ll be prompted to create your first Popup or Embedded Form:


From here you’ll need to select the Goal of your new Popup or Form:

  • • Get More Leads
  • • Increase Sales
  • • Announcements
  • • Grow Email List

Preview and select the template you want to begin with from a variety of options!


Next, go ahead and tweak your pop-up using Poptin’s editor.

The General Settings tab on the left lets you change your pop-up size, background color, button color, etc, and you can click on the text directly to edit it.

Don’t forget to scroll down and expand the Advanced Settings tab. Here, you can change your pop-up’s entry effect, and determine whether it’s used as a content gate, whether it closes automatically, etc.

Once you’ve finished configuring your pop-up, make sure it looks good on both desktop and mobile, then click the Next button to set your Display Rules.

When choosing how you want to trigger your pop-up, keep in mind that you have to strike a balance between quantity and quality.

For example, if you decide that you want to display your pop-up when your visitor has visited 10 pages on your site, that will obviously bring you traffic that’s a lot more qualified and high-intent. 

That said, doing this also limits the number of occasions in which your pop-up is shown, and the worry is that you’ll end up with so few leads generated, it’s not even worth your while. 

Once you’re done, click on Publish, then copy and paste the code provided on your website.

The average consumer’s attention span is now shorter than ever, and at the same time, consumers are being bombarded with an increasing number of marketing messages, advertisements, and other stimuli.

As a marketer, it’s your job to cut through the noise, and serve your consumers targeted, relevant offers that MAKE them sit up and take note.

How do you do this? By ditching your standard-issue pop-ups, and crafting highly personalized pop-ups that speak to your consumers.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using Poptin, and watch as your conversion rate shoots through the roof! 

Caitlin Hutchinson

Caitlin Hutchinson

Brand Marketing ManagerSendlane
A native of San Diego, California, Caitlin has a passion for developing creative and engaging marketing content. Primarily responsible for overseeing the development, execution and delivery of digital content across all of Sendlane’s channels while maintaining an online presence of Sendlane's team culture. Host of The Marketing Automation Hustle Podcast and Sendlane Youtube Training Channel. Works closely with the marketing team to manage creative projects and develop creative assets/solutions to enhance the brand. Collaborates at the intersection of marketing, product, content, and sales to develop powerful and memorable stories and interactive experiences that bring the Sendlane vision to life.
Caitlin Hutchinson