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Zotabox - Generate More
Revenue With Live Chat and
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Want to increase your website’s conversion rate, and generate more sales from your site?

There are plenty of tricks you can rely on here, such as:

  • 1. Adding exit-intent pop ups to your sites

  • 2. Using sticky banners to promote a special offer, and

  • 3. Utilizing a countdown timer to create urgency.

What is Zotabox?

Zotabox is a collection of 20+ tools that are engineered to help marketers and business owners boost their sales revenue and achieve other business objectives.

For easy reference, the tools are categorized five different categories:


• Easy pop-up

• Header bar

• Slide box

• Landing page builder

• Push notifications

• Notification box

• Showcase slider

• Stickers

• Promo box

• Easy banner

• Countdown timer bar

• Countdown timer pop-up



• Social buttons

• Social mobile bar

• Social header bar

• Social coupon pop-up

• Social review


  • • Email capture pop-up
  • • Email capture bar
  • • Email capture slider


  • • Contact form builder
  • • Facebook live chat




  • • Back to top
  • • EU cookie notification
  • • Testimonial
  • • Store locator

Basically, any tool you could possibly need or want comes included. By using Zotabox, you’ll be able to control all your tools and campaigns from one place, and optimize your marketing strategies more easily.

Using Zotabox to Generate More Sales Revenue

To start using Zotabox, create a Zotabox account, then embed Zotabox’s tracking code in your website footer. From there, upgrade to a paid account, and you’ll instantly gain access to the 20+ tools within Zotabox.

Now, the next step is to install your first tool. Choose the tool you want to add to your website from Zotabox’s dashboard, and click on it to get redirected to the drag and drop editor:

Using the editor, customize whatever it is you’re creating. In the above example, we’ve chosen to create a pop-up, and we can change the background of the pop-up, the message, buttons, and more.

Once you’re done, move onto the next tab titled “Add Functions”:

Here, you can add email capture fields, coupon codes, countdown timers, social sharing buttons and more. 

Moving on, from the next tab, you can customize the look and feel of your promotional tab. (When a customer closes a pop-up on your site, this shrinks into a tab that’s displayed at the side of the page.)

Note that the “Customize Tab” option only displays for pop-ups, and that the menu in your editor will change depending on what tool you choose to create. 

Moving on, continue onto “Display Options”, where you can specify when/where you want your pop-up to show up:

There are two more tabs in the menu (“Promo Ideas” and “More Tools”), but you don’t need to use these to set up your pop-up. Just click on the “Save” button at the top right corner, then publish your pop-up on your site.

3 Best Zotabox Tools To Help You Generate More Sales Revenue 

Now that you’re familiar with how Zotabox works, we’ll walk you through the three best Zotabox tools that you should definitely use on your site.

Quick aside: We recommend experimenting and testing out all 20+ tools that Zotabox offers, but if you’re short on time and you want to quickly hone in on the tools that are highly effective in driving sales revenue, these are the ones to start with!

  1. 1. Facebook Live Chat

In Zotabox, the live chat tool is categorized under “Support customers”, but don’t let that fool you. Many companies use live chat as a lead generation tool, and statistics show that visitors that engage with your company via live chat are worth 4.5x visitors that don’t.

Once you’ve set up your live chat, make sure that you always have someone on standby and ready to answer customer enquiries. This person should have good product knowledge, and be able to make product/service recommendations as well. 

  1. 2. Header Bar

Header bar, sticky banner, hello bar — they’re all basically the same thing. 

These bars are fixed at the top of your customer’s page, and follow your customer around regardless of how much they scroll. They’re a great way to display ongoing promotion/offers, and entice your customers to make a purchase.

To level up your header bar and make it even more enticing, we recommend adding a countdown timer to it:

This helps promote scarcity, and incentivizes your customers to purchase quickly.

  1. 3. Promo Box

Zotabox’s Promo box tool is pretty interesting. This lets you upload a few products, and create a notification box that will display said products with an auto-scroll function.

f you’re running an eCommerce store, the Promo box function is a great way of showcasing your best selling products, and encouraging website visitors to take a look.

Pro-tip: try creating TWO promo boxes, and targeting them at different customer segments. 

For example, for customers visiting your site for the first time, showcase more affordable items to reduce the friction associated with the first sale. For returning visitors or visitors from a particular source (eg your newsletter), showcase higher-priced items so you can earn a higher margin.

How To Integrate Zotabox With Sendlane

If you’re using Zotabox to build your email list, be sure to integrate it with Sendlane so that you can sync your new subscribers to your Sendlane account.

To learn how to connect Zotabox with Sendlane, check out this step-by-step walkthrough.

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