Introducing Email Retargeting by Sendlane

One of the hottest words in marketing right now is retargeting.

Why? Because it’s proven that web visitors are 70% more likely to convert when they are brought BACK to your site through an ad or email!

Retargeting is also known as “remarketing”, a form of online advertising that’s used to get visitors on your website to come back again through different forms of paid advertising and email marketing.

Today we’re super excited to introduce email retargeting to all Sendlane marketers!

How exactly does retargeting work in email?

Here’s the simple layman’s term:

  • First – a visitor (who is also a subscriber on your email list) visits your site.
  • Second – this visitor learns about your product, but ends up leaving before taking an action (ie: they don’t opt in to a form, make a purchase,  view a particular page, click a certain link, etc.)
  • Third – an email is deployed to convince the visitor to come back to your site.

The goal is simple: To bring highly targeted, engaged visitors back to your website to finalize the action you want them to take.

So how does Sendlane Email Retargeting work?

We knew you’d ask ?

Here’s how it works (with pictures!)

Step 1

Login to your Sendlane account and select the Automations module on the left hand side. Then click “Add Automations.

Step 2

Time to create your retargeting automation!

You can either select from our preset automation templates called “Retarget Site Visitors” or you can start from scratch. (We always recommend our proven templates!)

Step 3

Here you will set your trigger pages and goal URL.

Trigger URL – The page you want to set as the trigger for your automation.

Goal URL –  The “conversion” or tracking page.

Step 4

Once you fill out each of the URL’s, the Get Code option will show up. This will be the tracking pixel you will place on each page of your site.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you copy BOTH codes and place each one on the appropriate pages. You can always change these by simply going to the Event Tracking option under Integrations.

Step 5

Here is where you will choose your workflow conditions. Click on the lime green bar at the top of your workflow. This will open up a window that shows your settings:

From here, you’ll have 3 settings to fill in:

  1. How the workflow is triggered – Event Triggered
  2. What email lists should be included to trigger the event.
  3. The websites you want to track and retarget. (this one is optional)

Step 6

Time to set your retargeting conditions!

Once you click on this box:

You’ll see the following:

Here, you are setting your retargeting “conditions.”

This is where you will set the website url’s along with any other custom conditions you might want.

Max amount of time is the time in which you want our system to check for activity and deploy emails to your visitors.

Step 7

You’ll need to set up your emails.

Since you know EXACTLY what sites your users have visited, this is easy!

Follow the steps to create your email, just like you would with any other campaign or workflow in Sendlane.

Once complete, click Finish at the bottom.

Depending on what your goals and objectives are, we recommend that you setup at least 3 emails over the next 3 days to encourage your subscribers to come back and visit your page.

Step 8

The final step:

This is the “goal” or final outcome setting.


This just displays the same settings you determined at the start of the workflow.

What These Conditions Mean:

  1. Go to this action if goal is reached: “ This allows you to automate an action if the goals are met. For example, you can choose to  “End Workflow” or you can jump the action to any other part of the workflow.
  2. Trigger this event when goal is met:” This allows you to trigger a goal such as purchase or page visit to stop this automation.
  3. If goal is not met:” Will allow you to deploy another series of workflows or subscribe to another list.
  4. Max amount of time to check conditions:” is this final setting. (The  same you set at the start of Step #6) This is the window of time in which our system will check for activity and deploy the email.

And that’s it!

It may seem a bit tedious at first, but remember, this is an automation you’re setting up.

That means, it’s a set and forget setup, one where you know our system will do all the heavy lifting for you!

Our recommendation: Combine this with Sendlane Event Tracking to determine EXACTLY how much each email is producing for you.

And that’s it!

As of today, all Sendlane marketers have access to our brand new Email Retargeting feature, available at no additional cost or charge!

Just another awesome feature by Sendlane!

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