8 Examples of Landing Pages Designed for Conversions


As a marketer, landing pages are your best friend.

They’ll help you convince your visitors to take action.

And by simply improving the way your content is presented, you can appear more trustworthy to visitors, encourage them to spend more time on your page, make your brand more memorable and most importantly, convert!

In our previous article we covered 6 elements of high converting landing pages that you can apply to your own landing page design.

Today we’ll be diving into a few specific examples of landing pages that have been designed with conversions in mind!

8 Conversion Focused Landing Page Designs

In these examples we’ll be focusing on three things: headlines, copy and CTAs.

First let’s quickly recap on what we should look for in a headline. Remember that a compelling headline should do 3 things:

  1. Pass the blink test (Can a visitor tell what you do within 3–5 seconds?)
  2. Encourage visitors to read more.
  3. Have a headline or subheading that clearly communicates your Unique Selling Proposition.

In these next couple examples, let’s see if these landing pages fulfill each of these requirements.

1. Short & Sweet ( SEE IT» )

Take a look at the headline of  this landing page:

  • Blink Test — What can you do here?
    This page passes the blink test with flying colors. You can make logos here. And if you’re in their target market (people who need logos, but who don’t want to hire a graphic designer) then it’s immediately obvious that you’ve come to the right place.
  • Enticing — Do you want to read more?
    This headline uses the curiosity gap to encourage visitors to keep reading. Again, it comes down to that word, “proud”. After reading the headline, it’s hard to keep yourself from scrolling down the page to find out what exactly you’re going to be so “proud” of.
  • Unique Selling Proposition — What’s different about these guys?
    This page tells visitors that they’re offering a premium product by using the words “proud” and “stunning” — a cut above other, similar services in their industry. You won’t be getting just any average logo, you’ll be getting a logo you can be proud of and will want to show off.

2.  Benefit-Heavy, Great Unique Selling Proposition — ( SEE IT» )

Here’s another excellent example of a headline done well:

How does this headline communicate the unique selling proposition of the company?

Unique Selling Proposition = What differentiates you from your competitors.

  • Blink Test — What can you do here?
    To be honest, this page is a little less clear unless you’re within this company’s target market (fundraisers/staff at nonprofits). But just by glancing at it, it seems like this is a company that allows you to send postcards to donors and voters.
  • Enticing — Do you want to read more?
    Sure do. It’s a bold promise. How does it work?
  • Unique Selling Proposition — What’s different about these guys?
    Here, this landing page excels. Their product is so great that it will end up on your recipients fridge.  And the subhead makes it clear that Amicus will solve three problems for their customers: not enough donors, not enough members, not enough votes. If you’re a nonprofit that needs donors, or a political movement that needs votes— this company intends to make that happen. The headline and subheading are very benefit-heavy and do a great job of writing from their reader’s perspective.

3. Clear & Targeted ( SEE IT» )

If your audience is well targeted, it’s best to keep your headline simple. Like this example from Billdogg:

This landing page’s headline is not only straightforward but also well targeted:

  • Blink Test — What can you do here?
    You can do invoicing. You also won’t stick around unless you’re in their target market (freelancers), which is actually a great example of “qualifying” ad copy.
  • Enticing — Do you want to read more?
    Yes! Free, right? Why? How beautiful are they? How simple is it?
  • Unique Selling Proposition — What’s different about these guys?
    Simple, beautiful, and—according to the subhead—free. That said, it would be nice to see more benefits in this headline (or in a subhead). Something that explains how freelancers can save time, impress clients, or earn more money per hour because they’re spending less time on invoicing.

While a great headline is crucial to a great landing page, remember, the goal of any landing page is action!

Be sure that every word and every sentence of copy on your landing page is used to keep readers moving towards your call to action.

Let’s take a look at some of these business’ killer landing page copy.


The best part about this landing page? It’s polished and to the point.

Right off the bat this page kicks off with a simple yet effective headline, “Keep your life in sync.”

While this headline might be a little vague, that’s okay because it’s followed up with a brief yet detailed explanation of what the app can do for you.

And since the product is accessible online as well as through a mobile app, you’re provided with two CTA’s “Create a free account” and “Download Wunderlist.”

Need more convincing before you download? Keep scrolling!

As you continue down the page you’ll notice how the copy flows, quickly communicating the different features of the app. Even if you don’t want to take the time to read ALL of the copy, each subheading quickly shares a feature with you like, “Plan for anything” so that even if you’re just skimming you’ll get the gist of what the app can do.
Still not ready to download?

Carrying on their clean and simplistic copy and design, this page communicates the variety of devices the product can be accessed on, with yet another CTA to download.

Finally, it’s all brought together with a section titled “Wunderlist at a glance” that gives you a brief recap of all the capabilities within the app.

What really makes this page stand out is how quickly and easily it communicates who they are and what they do without distracting from the end goal, downloading.


First things first, as always… take a look at the headline:

Well? Are you tired of switching between Gmail accounts?

With this headline, Shift’s landing page starts a conversation with its readers and helps weed out anyone outside their target market (like Hotmail users for example). The page then continues that conversation with great copy…

Be honest, when you read, “Shift is all about streamlining your workflow like a boss,” you immediately wanted to read the the next sentence, right?

Aren’t you suddenly wondering what that means? This is a great example of being engaging while still focusing on a sale. 

While our headline and copy are an essential part of our landing page, it would be nothing without a call-to-action!

Let’s take a look at a few examples of companies that have really nailed their landing page CTAs.

6. very Specific ( SEE IT»)

There are two large, begging-to-be-clicked CTAs on this page. 

This landing page does a great job at being specific with CTAs. Instead of something generic like, “Plans & Pricing”, their CTA buttons are very explicit and leave nothing to the imagination. Want to host Smarty Pantz trivia? Click that big yellow button.

They continue this throughout the page, varying their CTAs as they address different audiences (owners vs. patrons). Notice how the next CTA continues the conversation they’ve started with their copy:

High Conversion Landing Pages - Smarty Pantz

Then, look how they do the same thing when addressing owners:

High Conversion Landing Pages - Smarty Pantz

“Book Smarty Pantz For Free”. Pretty specific. Much better than “Get Started” or the ever-useless “Learn More”.

What really makes this landing page stand out from the rest is the strategic use of their yellow accent color to draw attention to buttons.

7. No Distractions ( SEE IT»)

See? No links. No “About” page. No “Pricing” button up top.

This landing page is about one thing and one thing only: Joining Free For a Month.

In fact, if you scroll down you’ll see three different sections you can toggle between. No commitments, Watch anywhere, and Pick your price.

The big thing here is that on ALL three of these tabs is the SAME call-to-action, “Join Free For a Month.”

While this landing page might seem a little “basic” to some, there’s no question that you certainly don’t miss those bright red CTAs.

8. Powerful Placement & color use ( SEE IT »)

To sell their book, Design For Founders includes more than one call to action. They make sure readers have multiple chances to buy through one…

High Conversion Landing Pages - Design for Founders


High Conversion Landing Pages - Design for Founders


High Conversion Landing Pages - Design for Founders

FOUR calls to action:

High Conversion Landing Pages

Notice how they use their bright pink accent color for the title of the book, the CTAs, and nothing else on the page. This keeps users’ eyes from wandering and focuses their attention on the “Buy Now” buttons.

Overall, the design of this page is fantastic. It funnels attention towards prominent CTAs and doesn’t provide any distractions whatsoever. Of course, they’re a design company, so we kind of expect them to get this stuff right, don’t we?

Bringing It All Together

As you start to optimize your landing pages, remember to always be paying attention to your metrics.

That’s what will really tell you if all the work you’ve done on the above elements is actually paying off.

Try adding or removing pieces from your page, varying the headline, or using different color schemes. With each change, use your data to see if your new page is driving more or less conversions.

Feel free to use the landing page examples in this article to inspire you as you build your next high conversion landing pages and remember to test your changes!

Kristen Dahlberg

Content Manager at Sendlane
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