Announcing the Newest Sendlane Automation Makeover!

You asked and we built it!

Today, we’re excited to launch our new and improved Automation Module that gives all Sendlane Marketers immediate insight into their automations in just a glance with the ability to manage BOTH autoresponders and workflows in ONE simple, easy to use module.

To help you get accustomed to our new look we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to walk you through the layout and functionality of the new module!

Lets Get Started!

  1. Login to your Sendlane account and select the Automations module from the left side navigation menu. Both your Autoresponders & Workflows will be listed under ‘All.’
  2. To view ONLY your Autoresponders or ONLY your Workflows, select the appropriate section under your Automations.
  3.  To Edit, Deactivate, Duplicate or Delete an Automation or Workflow open the drop down menu by selecting the three blue dots in the top right corner of the Automation or Workflow you would like to make changes to.
  4.  To Create a new Automation select ‘Add Automation’ from the top right corner of the Automations module.
  5. Name your Automation in the text field provided, then select whether you would like your new Automation to be an Autoresponder or a Workflow. For the purpose of this example we will create an Autoresponder. Don’t forget to click next!
  6. Now that you’ve created your new Automation you will need to select your recipients. Select ‘Choose Recipients’ in the top right corner.
  7. Select the appropriate lists that you would like to have receive this Automation. You also have the ability to exclude specific lists from your Automation as well.
  8. Enter your ‘From Name’ & ‘From Email’ in the text fields provided under the Tags option. Click Save.
  9. Your new Automation will now appear in your full list of Automations. To add a new Autoresponder to your Automation, select the three blue dots in the top right corner of the Automation you would like to add an Autoresponder to and click ‘Edit’.
  10. To create a new Autoresponder select ‘Create Autoresponder’ in the top right corner. You also have the ability to remove/select lists for your Automation by selecting ‘Recipients’.
  11. From here, the email editor will open and prompt you to create your new email.

Now let’s talk Workflow!

  1. Should you choose to create a Workflow, select the Workflow option when adding a new automation.
  2. This will direct you to the standard Workflow setup page. You will need to select the action that will trigger your Workflow as well as the lists you would like to have receive your Workflow.
  3. You’re ready to start creating your new workflow! You will see the standard Workflow builder here.
  4. To view the analytics for your Autoresponders, simply open your Automation, select the Autoresponder you would like to view and the analytics will automatically be generated. You can view analytics for the past 24 Hours, 1 Week, 30 Days or 90 Days.

It’s as easy as that and you’re ready to conquer the world of Automation!

The New Campaigns Module!

We’ve given our campaigns a facelift too!

Head to your campaigns module to see the sleek, new interface!

  1. To View, Resend, or Delete a campaign select the drop down arrow on the right side of your campaign.
  2. To view the reports for your sent campaigns, select ‘View Reports’ on the right side of your campaign. Pretty smooth and simple, right?

And that pretty much wraps things up!

We hope this new interface helps you amp up your email marketing and automation!

The success of our Sendlane Marketers is our top priority! Which is exactly why we are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to be successful!

With that said… we’re still hard at work! Keep an eye out for the many new features and integrations coming soon!


Caitlin Haines

Caitlin Haines

Social Media & Content Manager at Sendlane
Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in San Diego, California, Caitlin has a passion for developing creative marketing content and is primarily responsible for overseeing development, execution and delivery of digital content across all of Sendlane’s channels. After putting in years of work experience in the marketing world of luxury real estate, Caitlin decided it was time for a change and that’s when she found her “home” at Sendlane! She has enjoyed being a part of a powerhouse team where she has had the opportunity to wear a variety of hats and take her knowledge and creativity to the next level. When not focusing on increasing Sendlane's online presence you'll find Caitlin playing music or spending time with her Fiancé.
Caitlin Haines