Introducing The New Sendlane Email Editor

Successful email marketing is a tough cookie to crack.

But today, we’re going to make it easier.

Here at Sendlane, we’re dedicated to giving you the tools and features you need to succeed in your email marketing efforts.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the latest update to our Email Editor that will make building and designing your email templates even easier and faster than before.

A Quick Glance At What’s New

So what’s new?

What did we do?

Why, we’ve designed new tools just for you!

Now that I’m done channeling Dr. Seuss and nabbed your attention, here is a quick look at what we’ve added inside the Email Editor.

Notice something different?

Yes, those are column-like sections.

And yes, you can drag-and-drop them into your email template.

Let me restate that:

Sendlane has a new drag-and-drop template builder!

There’s even more to this update than just what I’ve shown you so I’ll be diving deeper into all the goodies we’ve designed and where you can access them.

But first, let me touch on why Sendlane made this update to begin with.

Why We Did This

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

That’s usually what common knowledge would suggest.

But, here at Sendlane, we don’t settle for mediocre.

When we first designed our Email Editor, we wanted to give you the ability to create and send emails with ease.

And while we managed to make sending email easy, we knew based on feedback from customers like you that designing emails wasn’t as easy as you would like.

Originally, the overall design of your emails had to come from one of two places:

  • Our Pre-Designed Templates
  • Custom HTML

While some of our customers can handle this sort of code, we still want to give everyone the ability to design a pleasing email template without the hassle.

That’s why we’ve added drag-and-drop capabilities to the Editor.

So that everyone can quickly and easily design emails the way they want.

A Closer Look At the Email Editor

Now let’s take a closer look at how to access these new features and what they are.

To get to the updated Email Editor, simply login to your Sendlane account like you always do.

Next, go to the Design tab.

In the design tab, you’ll notice the same 3 options that have always been there. To access the new editor features you can choose either Predesigned or Start From Scratch.

In order to show you the full capabilities of these new features, I’ll be choosing the Start from Scratch option.

Once in this area of the Editor, this is what you should see.

The new editor has 4 main parts to it:

  1. Sections
  2. Content
  3. Settings
  4. Save A Custom Template

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.


The drag-and-drop layouts of the editor are broken into 6 options:

  • Full-width
  • Halves
  • Thirds
  • ¼ and ¾
  • ¾ and ¼
  • Signature

To start using these sections, simply click, drag, and drop the desired one into your editor.

To get rid of a particular section, simply click on it and select the trash button. It will ask you if you’re sure you want to remove it just in case you clicked it by accident.

While most section functions are the same, the most unique one we have is the Signature Section.

With this Section, you can add a logo or image to the left side and then quickly add your sign off at the end of your emails.

While there are only a few options given when you first drop it into your template, you have more editing options once you click on the content.

Worried about odd formatting when viewed on a mobile device?

Don’t be.

We’ve made these sections mobile-friendly so that they resize to fit best on smaller screens.


Once you’ve added your desired sections, you can move on to adding in the content.

The Content tab sits right next to the Sections tab on the top left corner of the Editor.

There are also 6 options in this added feature:

  • Text
  • Title
  • Image
  • Button
  • Divider
  • Spacer

Simply choose which type of content you want to use and drop it into the desired side of your newly placed section.

It’s really that simple!

Some of these features have more options tucked inside them too.

For example, the Image feature is now easier to upload and resize images thanks to the interface updates we’ve added there.

You can easily resize the image, adjust alignment, and add a link without touching a line of code.

Similarly, the Button feature gives you code-free design options.

Change the color of the background or text.

Adjust the font or button size.

Add a link or change the alignment of text.

You can do it all with a couple clicks on the mouse.


The Settings Tab also sits next to the Sections and Content tabs in the top left corner.

Clicking on the gear icon will open the settings options.

Here is where you can add some final touches to your email so that it’s picture perfect.

You can add some spacing to the bottom of each section using the Section Bottom Spacing option.

Or you can also add a pop of color to the background of either the email or the sections using the corresponding options there, too.

Saving Your New Template

So now you have a nice new email template you designed yourself!

Feels good, doesn’t it?

But we know you don’t want to do this every single time you’re about to send a campaign.

So to eliminate the need to design from scratch every time, we’ve added a feature that let’s you save the templates you design so you can use them again and again.

To save your template, click on the the “” in the top right corner of the menu.

Next, click on Save as Custom Template.

That will open the option to name your new template.

Name it and save it.

That’s it!

How These New Features Will Help You

Everything we do at Sendlane is to better serve you, our customer.

We understand that you only have so much time in a day and with these new features that let you design emails faster, we are helping you get more of that time back.

Another upside to gaining time is that you can now design emails that suit your needs and stick to your brand.

The new drag-and-drop editor even works with the pre-designed templates too!

These features are new to the Sendlane ecosystem, but we’re not stopping here.

We plan to continue to roll out updates and features that will help you get more done in less time with better results.

If you haven’t already, sign into your Sendlane account today and give the updated Email Editor a try.

Have you tried it out already? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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