Sendlane Team Trip 2018 – Cabo San Lucas

Team building isn’t trust falls and silly games. Team building is learning about people. Team building is building relationships. Team building is human bonding.

That’s exactly what our annual team trip is all about… enjoying each other and really getting to know the people we work with on a day to day basis outside of the office!

This year our team headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to enjoy four days full of adventure and team bonding!


From riding ATVs on the beach to jet skiing through the ocean waves, we’ve made so many fantastic memories together this year and our team is stronger than ever!

Keep up with the amazing team at Sendlane and find out what we’re all about behind the scenes on our instagram page and our youtube channel.

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Caitlin Hutchinson

Caitlin Hutchinson

A native of San Diego, California, Caitlin has a passion for developing creative and engaging marketing content. She is primarily responsible for overseeing the development, execution and delivery of digital content across all of Sendlane’s channels as well as maintaining an online presence of Sendlane's team culture. She has enjoyed being a part of a powerhouse team where she has had the opportunity to wear a variety of hats and take her knowledge and creativity to the next level. When not focusing on increasing Sendlane's online presence you'll find Caitlin playing music on her guitar or piano and spending time with her Husband and their rescue dog, Piper.
Caitlin Hutchinson