Share Sendlane and Get Your Next Month Free!

They say a happy customer is the best referral.

And one of the biggest reasons for the growth we’ve experienced as a company has been the “word of mouth” referrals that we receive.

So, for that very reason, we decided to create our brand new Sendlane Rewards Center!

With the Rewards Center, you can now get your next month for FREE simply by referring your friends, colleagues, and business associates to us!

Here’s how it works

  1. You log into your Sendlane account.
  2. On the top right, click on your name, and select Rewards. 
  3. You’ll be shown a page like this:

On this page, you’ll see several options

Your Share Link: This is available for multiple pages aka you can select the Sendlane page you want them to see (Home, Registration, or Features) and your share link will take them directly to that page. 

Your Social Share Options: You can share your link directly to your favorite social media platform OR you can even deploy an email to your referral.

Full Detailed Statistics: From the clicks, to referrals, to credits, and projected credits, we share with you everything that’s going on. 

Once your referral signs up and makes their first payment, 100% of that amount will be credited to your account and applied to your next plan payment. 

So think about this

Say you refer 3 friends – Joe, Sue, and Mary – and each of them signs up for an “Up To 1,000 Contacts” account for $25 each… 

That means you’ll get a $75 credit to your account. 

And if they sign up for larger plans… well, you get larger credits! 

The Sendlane Rewards program is built right in to your Sendlane account, so you don’t have to sign up or fill out any special tax forms! 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about larger payout thresholds like our affiliate program because you get 100% of the credit applied to your account automatically. 

Pretty cool right?

The Sendlane Rewards Center is now live in all ACTIVE accounts today, so go check it out and start sharing.

We can’t wait to credit your account!

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Jimmy Kim

CEO at Sendlane
Based out of San Diego, California, Jimmy has been a digital marketer for the past 8+ years. Before his ventures online, Jimmy rose from the ranks, started off by washing cars at a local dealership and eventually ended up being one of the youngest General Managers in the country by the age of 25. After being burnt out working 80+ hours a week, he eventually turned to Internet Marketing. He found a passion in email marketing and in 2013 helped create Sendlane as one of the co-founders. Today, he leads the entire Sendlane team.
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