Boost Your Audience Insights With Custom Data

You need to know things about your audience in order to be successful.

Who are the people on your list? What industry do they work in? What motivates them? How often do they make purchases? What type of content do they want to see?

Some of these audience insights are things you’ll uncover over the course of your relationship. But for others, you can find out the answer before a contact even sees your first welcome email!


With a simple custom data field on your opt-in form!

When you’re building a webform, you can add your own custom field in just a few quick steps:

  1. Select + Add a new field from the subscription form menu:
  2. Choose the type of custom field you want to use:Pro Tip We recommend using preset options like check boxes or radio buttons (vs generic fill-in text fields) to avoid input issues.
  3. Name your custom field and input the different preset options you want displayed on your form:And ta-dah! Your new custom data fields will be added to your webform!

By adding custom data fields to your webforms, you can ask new leads simple questions and start collecting valuable audience insights right away.

The more data-driven your marketing becomes, the more personalized your emails can be!

So why not login to your Sendlane account now and get started?!

If you’re not a member yet, no worries! With our 14 day trial, you can try out the entire Sendlane platform (including all of our lead collection and webform features) for FREE!


Kristen Dahlberg

Content Manager at Sendlane
As a member of the Sendlane content marketing team, Kristen focuses on everything from organization to content curation and process improvement. She enjoys variety and the challenge of learning the best way to accomplish each new goal.

Outside of work, Kristen spends as much time as possible at the beach, soaking up the San Diego sunshine!