Create New Tags Faster Within The Email Editor

Tags are a great way to segment your list based on subscriber behavior.

You can automate the tagging process by applying tags to links or by using them in behavior-based workflows.

This type of segmentation is an easy setup that continues to run in the background throughout your automations.

But what happens if you get a great idea for a new segment while you’re crafting an email?

You shouldn’t have to stop what you’re doing, save a draft, navigate elsewhere and waste precious marketing time bouncing around just to implement a new tag…

Which is why we added the ability to create new tags faster, right inside the Email Editor!

How to create new tags within the Email Editor

To create a new tag while in the Email Editor, start by adding tag-able content to your email. Tag-able content includes  images, text links, buttons and even social icons (think clickable here!).

Once you have your content added, click to open the settings for that item and select Create A New Tag from the Tag menu.

You’ll find this menu in a different place depending on what type of content you’re working with:




Next, you’ll see the Create a Tag pop-up. From here, just enter a name for your new tag and click Create.

Once your new tag is ready, it will populate as an option in the Tag menu, so you can use it to tag subscribers anywhere you like!

Segmentation made easy

At Sendlane, we’re constantly working to improve your email marketing experience.

So next time you need a new tag, you can generate one faster – right inside the Email Editor!

With just a few clicks, you’ll have a handy new tag that works throughout your entire Sendlane account.

Faster is better, especially when it comes to tasks like managing your growing list, right?!

So head on over to your Sendlane account and use this tip to create new tags for your email marketing today!

Kristen Dahlberg

Content Manager at Sendlane
As a member of the Sendlane content marketing team, Kristen focuses on everything from organization to content curation and process improvement. She enjoys variety and the challenge of learning the best way to accomplish each new goal.

Outside of work, Kristen spends as much time as possible at the beach, soaking up the San Diego sunshine!