Build an Engaged Audience With New Workflows

New subscribers are fickle.

And rightfully so!

Until you’ve established a relationship by delivering consistent content, you haven’t truly won them over yet. You need to consistently prove that they made the right decision by handing over their email address.

If you don’t, those new contacts will lose interest pretty quickly. And if enough time goes by, they may just unsubscribe the next time one of your messages land in their inbox.

So what’s the solution?

Move contacts into a new workflow right after your welcome series ends!

When you move contacts into new workflows, you can automate a steady stream of targeted emails for your audience.

Plus, you can add this action to any workflow with just a few clicks:

Delivering consistent, ongoing content is important when you’re looking to build engagement with your list.

So, why not login to your Sendlane account now and add new workflows right away!

By staying top of mind with your audience from the very start of your relationship, new leads are more likely to convert to customers down the road.

And as an email marketer, who doesn’t want that?!


If you’re not a Sendlane member just yet, and you’ve been looking for a way maximize the impact of your email strategy, you can get started with a free trial right here.

You’ll have a full 14 days to check out everything Sendlane has to offer… including all of our workflow automation features!

Kristen Dahlberg

Content ManagerSendlane
As a member of the Sendlane content marketing team, Kristen focuses on everything from organization to content curation and process improvement. She enjoys variety and the challenge of learning the best way to accomplish each new goal.

Outside of work, Kristen spends as much time as possible at the beach, soaking up the San Diego sunshine!