Streamline Emails For Your New Contacts

You have a welcome series setup to greet new contacts, right?


And you’re also sending out regular email campaigns to your entire list?


So how do you avoid confusing your new contacts by sending both types of messages to them at the same time?

By moving your newbies from your New Contacts list to your Master List once they’ve finished your welcome series!

And the best part is, you can build this action right into your welcome workflow!

Plus, when you thoughtfully segment your list this way, you can easily exclude any “New Contacts” from your regular campaigns… and ensure they only get the welcome series messages intended for them!

Campaign Setup inside of Sendlane - Exclude New Contacts

By streamlining the emails you send to new contacts, you’ll ultimately see better results from each and every new lead that joins your list.

So why not login to your account and get started today?!

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Kristen Dahlberg

Content Manager at Sendlane
As a member of the Sendlane content marketing team, Kristen focuses on everything from organization to content curation and process improvement. She enjoys variety and the challenge of learning the best way to accomplish each new goal.

Outside of work, Kristen spends as much time as possible at the beach, soaking up the San Diego sunshine!