Why Optimizing For Mobile Is Vital

optimizing for mobile Email Marketing
So the polls are in. Many in the marketing industry believe email is dead and buried. However, the popularity of the smartphone has made your email marketing campaigns pivotal to the success of your brand. Should you be Optimizing for mobile? The short answer is yes for... Read More

5 Really Simple Ways to Get to Know Your Subscribers

know your subscribers Digital Marketing
The key to having an engaged email list that hangs off your every word is to get to know what your audience wants and needs and give them exactly that. Subscribers relate to senders who “get” them, and who can provide a solution to their main... Read More

4 Ways to Use User Generated Content in Marketing

user generated conteny Digital Marketing
Most businesses like telling you what to do. Buy this product, sign up for this cell phone plan, eat this yogurt. It gets old. I personally don’t trust a lot of the content that businesses put out there. It just doesn’t seem authentic. I do trust user generated content,... Read More

How to Use Google Analytics for Email Marketing

Email Marketing
If you’re like most marketers, you love using Google Analytics to monitor your website’s traffic. For a free tool, it provides all kinds of information. You may not realize it, but you can also use it to monitor your email marketing campaign.  Google Analytics is one of... Read More

6 Essential Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays

email marketing tips Email Marketing
The holiday season represents the bread and butter of many businesses online. Likewise, it’s also the time of year when customers are most eager to splash some serious cash. The numbers don’t lie in regard to ecommerce spending during the holidays, including over $56 billion spent... Read More

The Anatomy of Email Split Test

Email Marketing
“Always be testing.” We hear this all the time in world of Internet marketing to the point where it's almost become a cliche. However, there's probably a reason why testing is so emphasized in regard to email, right? In short, split-testing allows you to understand the... Read More

The Power to Attract with these 9 Lead Magnets

Digital Marketing
Building a email marketing list can be time consuming. No matter how many blog posts you write or how many landing pages you create, you never know what’s going to push your site visitors to sign up. Unless you use lead magnets. A lead magnet is an... Read More

5 Snafus That Kill Your Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate Email Marketing
Newbies to email marketing are absolutely obsessed with open rates, and why not? After all, an opened email means that our subject line did its job, right? While open rates are always a good sign of a great subject line, what happens after your subscribers decide... Read More

3 Incredibly Effective Email Types Every Business Needs

effective emails Automation
The beauty of email  is that it’s one of the few aspects of Internet marketing that you can truly put on autopilot. Think about it: once you’ve automated your campaigns to respond to opt-ins, reach out to former customers or simply shoot updates to subscribers, you... Read More

5 Direct Mail Mistakes Email Marketers Must Avoid

direct mail Email Marketing
Although fewer and fewer marketers seem to dwell on direct mail these days, keep in mind that old-school snail mail represents the precursor to modern email marketing. For most industries, the difference between the two is staggering in terms of ROI. An infamous study investigating direct... Read More
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